Spider and Snails

I drove to Portales for this session to enter into a backyard filled with imagination. One section of the yard was build with a Roman theme, then a rain forest, and then and Italian theme. It was so beautiful. It was filled with spiders and snails too, which weren't necessarily my favorite. At least the spiders weren't. These kids loved exploring and finding all the spider webs and spiders crawling around. And then they moved on to the slimy snails that left trails around the backyard. They would crawl up their arms and leave gooey stuff behind. (I'm not really sure what that stuff is either) Their great grandpa owns this house and he was a former biology teacher at the college in Portales and keeps all living things that crawl alive in his yard. I'm sure if we searched long enough we would have found much more crawling insects. Here are a few favorites of these fun and adventurous kids with their grandmother.

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