Strike a Pose

We drove out to Grady in Caitlin's big blue truck and first stopped off at Jadee's Bibbi's house. We walked into Bibbi's house and said our hellos to Jadee's grandparents and then the smell of something cooking took over my nose. Her Bibbi made us homemade fried okra, brisket, the creamiest mashed potatoes, buttery bread, and yumm-ee corn. Not to mention we had strawberries and whip cream on individual angel food cakes. I am still craving the fried okra!

After we filled our bellies up with grandma's sweet cooking, we headed out to look at the box car on Jadee's grandparents land. You have to crawl through barbed wire and step through dried cow paddies scattered on the ground to get to the box car. By first glance of the box car I knew this would definitely be one of our locations. The box car had awesome lighting, and was a really smelly inside.

The next location was an old school house with the outside walls still standing, but the interior floors had been rotted out. One room was set up as if Anthropologie came in and did a photo shoot. Random furniture was placed through out the room, and it was kind of a mystery as to how it got there. It wasn't there the last time Jadee walked through the old school.

This was such a fun and adventurous photo shoot for me. We found some amazing places and I had so much fun with my two sweet high school girls.

Thanks Jadee and Caitlin! You two look so grown up in these pictures.

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Anonymous Ben said...

Cristy - You are the best! You are such a great photographer and such a great friend to Jadee and Caitlin. (And they are great friends to you!) Favorite Jadee picture is the last one. Favorite Caitlin picture is 9th from the top (black shirt). Favorite overall picture is the one where they are jumping! Favorite photographer in the whole wide world is Cristy! Thanks Bibbi for feeding my Wifey!

5:21 PM  
Anonymous jadee said...

Cristy - all of these pictures are so beautiful! you really captured how much fun we had that day! thank you so much for everything! i love ya!

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Bibbi said... have so much patience...I know you will be a great "mom"! You are so good with these two teens...the photos were great...I can't wait to see Jaden's senior ones when you do them...come on back some time...we will eat some more...Love. Jadee's Bibbi

4:50 PM  
Anonymous caitlin said...

Cristy! Wow these pictures are so amazing I love them! Thank you so much for takin them! I had so much fun! I really hope we can take more pictures again! love ya!

6:53 PM  
Anonymous kaylee said...

oh my gosh cristy!! these are gorgeous!! i love these girls they're so much fun!! and very beautiful!! you did a wonderful job!! and so creative i absolutely love it!! love you!!

10:53 PM  
Anonymous *anjelica said...

These are so so so gorgeous! i love these pictures so much and next time i think i should be invited so i can meet this bibbi and her yummy food!

2:55 PM  

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