So much better in Canvas

Welcome to the canvas world! A print just isn't the same when you slap in on a canvas wrap. The colors pop and rather than a portait hanging on the wall, it becomes a piece of art. Canvas wraps are so durable and will last you a lifetime. What size do you want? Well, lets just say I can go as big as five feet! This image of Ben and I is a 40x60.
Image to the left (above) is a 10x20 Image to right (above) 24x36
Make the canvas even more unique by adding a color border
Or have the image stretch all the way around to the back
Another 40x60 print in our living room
And this one is an odd shape that I made to fit according to the picture.

All the images come with backing, ready to hang in your house. There are so many options to do with canvas prints. I promise you won't regret getting one of these and that you will love it forever!



Blogger SarahRachel said...

I loooove photographs on canvas! I have a few I'd love to get done. Yours are so beautiful! I hope you're feeling great and getting excited!!

12:26 PM  

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