Now accepting Credit cards...FINALLY!

When you call to schedule your session with me, you will be happy to know that I now accept credit cards. This is going to make a bunch of people happy I know for sure, especially me. So if ya want to pay with credit card, cash or check be my guest. Just know you now have the option of using your Visa, MC, or Discover with Cristy Cross Photography. Rack up those frequent flyer miles baby!

Graduates of 2009, I'm already booking senior sessions and I'm almost booked already for Sept and moving on to October and November. I'm only taking in so many sessions a week so I still have time to hang out and play with my family. So hop to it if ya want me to take your senior pics.

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Anonymous Stephanie Blumer said...

I wish I would have know that before I mailed my payment today!! ha ha!!! Payments in the mail Cristy. We're soooo excited about our session!!!!!

6:29 PM  

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