Cutie Pies

Oh what a sweet family. Too bad they live in Vermont. I love this family. This is only my second time to shoot them, but they are so incredibly awesome. Mom is so fun and hip and dad is chill, and the girls are precious. The middle child was five months old the last time I took these and now baby #3 is 6 months old.
I tell my clients not to rush out and by new clothes, but this mom did exactly the opposite. She went to kids GAP and bought them all new stylish outfits for this session. I have to say, she did a super job. And hey, if you feel the need to go shopping, then taking pictures gives you the excuse and justifies it for ya :D

Hurry up and come back down so we can take more pictures!

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Anonymous Maya said...

They are such a cute family! Love the one of her dragging the blanket along.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a cute family the baby is so sweet..

5:54 PM  

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