The Bishops.Family.Albuquerque, NM

When I talked to the momma of this 14 month old baby on the phone, she told me he was a mover and a groover, but I didn't realize I just might be getting a workout. This little guy kept me on my toes and we made sure dad was around to give him grapes when ever he demanded. You have to be able to do almost anything for your baby/child when they are getting pictures :) A little bribe never hurt anyone ,right? I loved this session, because this little boy is only one month older than my Benson. He was basically Benson in another little boys body. Full of smiles, fun personality, and energy.
Just look at that sweet little face. He's saying, "catch me if you can!"
This is one of the few we got of him being held. He was not a fan of mom or dad holding him, so we had to make it fun by hanging upside down like a monkey.

Thanks Bishop family for a fun morning in Albuquerque, NM. I enjoyed EVERY minute with you and your little one.

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