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At the BLEND workshop we are split up into three groups, with different instructors each day. Today I was with the super talented Jose Villa. What a genuine, real and honest person. I could only say positive things about this guy. He talked about passion, and how he functions as a photographer and then some helpful tips on getting published in a magazine. I WANT to be published. And I want you as my blog readers consisting of family and friends to hold me to that goal.
In Jose's group we did a fun photo shoot with a sweet couple, Ashley and Jeremy Parsons. Two fabulous photographers from Kansas City with real love.
Here's a shot I took of them. My idea for composition on the image was; 1. I love to shoot through objects, 2. I wanted her to be a fashionista and him Mr. GQ, and 3. The way I layed it out in photoshop was a tribute to my college days. I used to develop my own film (35mm bw, 4x5 film, and 120/220 film for the Holga) and Jose is a film shooter. And he does matted art pieces for his clients and it brought back great memories from back in the day when I used to do all of that stuff. So below is a little square cropping on my digital matte board.



Anonymous Ben said...

Way to go Cristy!! I am glad that you are enjoying your conference!

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Ashley Colon said...

I want you to get published too! I'm a super fan of yours. I follow your blog everyday since I found you. Just a hobby photographer from Alabama who is trying to get a business started! Your work is awesome!

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Maya Laurent said...

Love this! I am so jealous you were at BLEND!!! It looks like it was an amazing time!

7:07 AM  

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