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Oh I can't tell you how precious this little one is, so let me just show you...These two parents couldn't be MORE in love than they are with their sweet little boy. They are friends of ours, and Ben went to school with them. It is so sweet to see them with their new little baby, and to see them laugh and smile at the many wonderful things their baby does, such as poop and pee and spit up. And of course he gives smiles, and funny little faces, too :)
Then, we took some of the cousins together. They are just about five months apart.
And this one was FULL of smiles
Well, we couldn't forget this beautiful girl. She is one of the aunts to the two cute babies up above. And well she was super sassy and classy with her outfit, we had to snap a few...what a gorgeous young lady!!
This day was a wonderful day! I love newborns and wish I did more. If you want newborn pictures, call me. And don't wait! The very very BEST time for a newborn session is when they are just days old-no later than 14 days old. They are easier to move around, scrunch up in a tight ball, and they stay asleep through it all.

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Blogger iheartkiwi said...

oh little luke and atticus are just too precious. and miss carly looking so grown up! the photos really are amazing.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

Cristy, you are amazing!!! The pictures are just lovely, and I can't wait to see the rest! Your ability to capture such amazing pics when Atticus was having a meltdown and the cousins were toppling all over each other is pretty incredible!!! We had so much fun that afternoon, and were so excited to get to work with you. Hope that your Santa Fe week is going wonderfully well! Talk to you soon!

4:37 PM  

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