So much better in Canvas

Welcome to the canvas world! A print just isn't the same when you slap in on a canvas wrap. The colors pop and rather than a portait hanging on the wall, it becomes a piece of art. Canvas wraps are so durable and will last you a lifetime. What size do you want? Well, lets just say I can go as big as five feet! This image of Ben and I is a 40x60.
Image to the left (above) is a 10x20 Image to right (above) 24x36
Make the canvas even more unique by adding a color border
Or have the image stretch all the way around to the back
Another 40x60 print in our living room
And this one is an odd shape that I made to fit according to the picture.

All the images come with backing, ready to hang in your house. There are so many options to do with canvas prints. I promise you won't regret getting one of these and that you will love it forever!




I worked on a few more maternity pictures tonight, but for now here is one more to share. I'll post the rest tomorrow.

Also, went to the doctors today, and it could be possible that Benson will come this weekend, but no promises.

I like this one (above) because it is from a funny angle. It looks so weird to me an unreal.

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Sneak Peek...New Website coming soon!

I'm trying to get my new website ready to go before Benson gets here...I'm not sure if I'll make it!




His cheeks are getting chunky!

Everyone keeps asking me to make sure and let them know when Benson gets here. So I decided maybe if I twitter, I'll get the message out in a simple way. I will try my best at letting you all know when our little Benson enters this world. We will be calling some, texting others, and twittering the rest. Stay tuned! I've been feeling Braxton Hicks pain while I'm sleeping, but nothing during the day. So maybe he'll come this week, on Super Bowl Sunday, or maybe his due date Feb 8th...we'll see!

The twitter updates are located on the right hand side under my profile info. Scroll down to get the updates.

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Maternity Shot

I think this is for sure one of my favorite shots Ben did of me...
I used some Totally Rad Actions by the Boutwell's.
The Boutwell's are doing recipe cards with the actions they've created. I love it too! It helps me think of what I could do with my pictures. So here is my try with my own recipe:

Warm it up Kris
Derelicte (22%)
Technicolor Dream World (45 %)
Warm it up Kris
Then I dodged the right hand side to make it all white or blown out



Well, I've tried to catch up and post the sessions all the way back in November I think and I just haven't been able to. So I decided rather than posting a bunch of each session, I'll just post one picture from each session and then I won't have to stress myself out. I am finishing up on the coffee table books and getting out orders that are coming in weekly.
Here are some of my sessions that have been neglected and by no means is it personal. I have been so anxious to get them up...and here are some favorites to share with you. More to come!

Newborn Session: baby Patrick--he wasn't wearing a diaper and I very easily could have been peed on-I was definitely in the danger zone. Family session: Garrett Girls-looking glamorous

High school senior: Jack in an old hen house I think that his grandpa build.
High School senior: Emily-She did good! It was freezing outside and I can't even tell by looking at this picture!
High School Senior: Andrew-rockin' it out
High School Senior: Ashley. session two, hanging out by the firework stand

High School Senior: Micah-looking so model-like


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25,000 plus!

Did you notice there have been more than 25,000 hits on my blog!
Holy moly, that makes me happy!

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I love and appreciate when I work with people who are as nice and sweet as this girl and her family. Here are just some favorites to share with you.

I have to get back to work on the coffee table books, because I have a total of TEN. I've thankfully gotten four done and sent off to be printed, but I've got more to do and they take long hours and dedicated time to make sure they are perfect just for my clients. Please be patient with me if you are one of those special clients with a coffee table book order. I'm trying to get all of them done before Benson gets here! Please pray for me :)
Have a great day everyone!!

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Amanda.Senior part 2

More "catchin' up" images. On this session, I went to some of the same locations I've been to before, but we explored in different areas within those locations.
Here are some of my favorite images- Leave a comment and tell me which one you like best!

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Magic with photoshop

Well, this is my try with making an ordinary image, out of the camera into something stunning.
I was inspired by my friend Lauren Clark and the amazingly breathtaking image she did of her sister. I don't know what she did to the image, but she is so talented with photoshop and it got me excited to experiment with an image of one of my senior ambassadors, Amanda.
I'm very excited with how my image turned out, but I know there is much more for me to learn.

This image was taken with my 580 EX flash on my cameram, then I did some tweeking to the sky and some other stuff that I can't remember. A little dakening, a little dodging, and I cleaned up the dust spots because, they drive me crazy.

So, what do you think?

Here is my AFTERAnd the BEFORE

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Playing Catch up

I am so behind on blogs! This session was back in November. Needless to say, I am playing catch up and will be posting a bunch of blogs from November and December.

This first image gives you a little insight to this beautiful high school senior, Claire. She has a fun and funky personality. She came down from Roswell with her mom and best friend and I can't thank them enough for an awesome session.

Gorgeous eyes huh!
Stunning face
I had to use my 24 mm on those long legs
model face

I'm also playing around with my new blog look for my images I post. As of right now, I really love the simplicity of this look with the white border and signature name.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this awesome girls session!

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Presenting to you, the Zookbinder Album
click on image to view larger
This awesome album is apart of the first wedding collection. It lies flat when the book is open, and all zook books have rounded corners. Albums made by Zookbinders is known for handmade quality, and the gilded edging is a great example. This specific zook book I offer in the first wedding collection is a 30 page, 10x10 album. ($1600)

Coffee Table Books

These are samples of wedding coffee table books, but they are also offered for ANY portrait session too! They are so sleek and cool. Once you have one, everyone will be so jealous!!

Check out my wedding collections by clicking here--->

To check out other prices click here-->

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