Now accepting Credit cards...FINALLY!

When you call to schedule your session with me, you will be happy to know that I now accept credit cards. This is going to make a bunch of people happy I know for sure, especially me. So if ya want to pay with credit card, cash or check be my guest. Just know you now have the option of using your Visa, MC, or Discover with Cristy Cross Photography. Rack up those frequent flyer miles baby!

Graduates of 2009, I'm already booking senior sessions and I'm almost booked already for Sept and moving on to October and November. I'm only taking in so many sessions a week so I still have time to hang out and play with my family. So hop to it if ya want me to take your senior pics.

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Jeff and Logan.Wedding

Presenting Logan and Jeff looking so stunning on their wedding day...



Kelsey and Blandon.Sneak Peek

I still need to blog:
Logan and Jeff's wedding
and Dayme and Marcus's wedding, but here is a sneak peek from Kelsey and Blandon's wedding two weeks ago.

Be content with what you have!

Sometimes I get a little worked up to stay on top and be the best and have the best. This past Monday, me and a few other wonderful ladies spoke to a group of junior high and high school girls. Each speaker had a different topic. The first talk was about modesty, the second talk was about eating disorders, and the third talk was about gossip and jealousy. These are all great topics to share with a group of teenage girls, because in some way we all go through it in our teenage years and even when we are in our 20s plus.
My topic to share was about gossip and jealousy. Speaking a little more on the jealousy side of life, I feel like for me in the photography industry that there is always something bigger and better and more awesomer (this is a word, in my dictionary). And I feel pressure to get all these wonderful new things. Why do I want them? I think sometimes it's because I'm jealous and want want want just like everyone else, and feel like if I have more it will make me more happy. The reality to this is that, why do I want more? God has given me so much already. He has given me a wonderful husband, an awesome baby boy, a loving family, a great house, clothes, money, food, legs, arms, and great camera equipment :) I will always run in to wanting more for my life rooted from jealousy and greed, but I need to remember Hebrews 13:5- Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."- and that gets a big AMEN.
Ever since Ben started memorizing this verse, I have been memorizing it too. But not because I wanted to. Mainly because Ben put a tune to the verse and I hear it singing in my head every now and then and I know it's God talking to me.

I just wanted to share what I've been learning lately :)

Benson is a Halfer!

Yesterday, at 5:58 pm Benson celebrated his 6 month birthday! He is a halfer! (half a year old)
We celebrated by playing all day with mommy, when she wasn't working and going to the fair. We met up with some of our sweet friends Haley and Tyler and got loved on like crazy by Haley. He even ate a whole jar of peas yesterday and he starts on squash today. He sits up, he has two teeth and working on more. He lays on his tummy really good and pushes himself up too. He's rolled over twice from tummy to back and laughs like crazy when you tickle his toes. He loves to watch Bailey and Chevy (our dogs) play and he loves to pet them.
It's funny because just 6 months ago he was barely doing anything, and now he is doing so much. Six months has flown by for us and I'm nervous that the next 6 months are going to fly by too. We keep telling him to stay small, but he just gets bigger and bigger. Tomorrow is our 6 month check up at the doctors, so we'll see how much he weighs. People at the fair last night kept telling us he's a big boy for 6 months.

We are also going to celebrate his birthday in Kansas City, shopping on the Plaza and going to my FAVORITE store, Anthropologie. We will also be celebrating mine and Ben's 6 year anniversary. Six wonderful years! The best six years of my life!

On Monday night, I will also be going to a conference put on by David Jay and Jasmine Star. I am super pumped, because these two photographers are just about as sweet and genuine as they come. I've never met them personally, but you can see their personalities when you read their blogs and watch their videos.

This is Benson posing for me in the "photobooth" set up at the house.
I call this his "Popeye" face.



Photobooth action from Walther Wedding

This was my first time to do the photobooth and I have to say it was so much fun. It definitely keeps me occupied at the reception. I bought some ginormous seamless white paper, and set up my lights and went for it. I would love to do it again at someone elses wedding. If you are interested let me know! :)

Dayme is a huge Texas Tech Red Raider fan. Marcus is a huge Texas Longhorns fan. There were lots of cheering for the raiders, and lots of cheering for the longhorns. I myself am a red raider fan, so ya know I had to post this one below first. beautiful bridesmaids
Brides mom is in the middle and this is her with her best friends from college. They are Baylor Bear fans-and that is a bear hand if you were wondering :) rrraarrr

I loved seeing this little boy, but he made me miss mine all night. I teared up a little at one point, because I missed Benson so much.
The guy with his tongue out was the pastor for the wedding, and this is his super cool family.

yummy grooms cake

a little too much lovin' going on...

yah, thats right
see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...cute
grooms uncle was having a good time :)


Gage and Tara.Reception

I didn't feel right doing any recent posts without catching up and posting some from Tara and Gage's wedding back in June in the lovely (wish I could live there) San Diego, CA.

Gage liked making faces at the camera, so guess what-I'm posting them :)

listening to sweet words from her bridesmaid, Erin.
First dance...awww

Ben and I used the pocket wizards on these. My first time, and I was so pleased and excited! This is definitely a favorite. Tara looks so beautiful here.
This was such a sweet father, daughter, and granddaughter dance

This one makes me want to cry it's so sweet

wild and crazy little girl :)
This groomsmen had some dance moves

Some of Gage's family came all the way from Holland (correct me if I'm wrong about that)

Cool band and awesome music
Not sure what this was, but I laughed when I saw it. I just had to put it in.
Baby girl was getting a little tired from all that dancing
another one of Gage's faces

Garter catching, ninja style
more crazy dance moves



Iowa Trip

We drove to Iowa back in July to visit Ben's grandparents for the 4th of July. On our way there, we stopped off at one of the bridges of Madison County in St. Charles, Iowa.