Taking a sick day...

I have been feeling sick with different things for about three weeks now, and I just don't have the strength to do any work today. I will be unavailable for the rest of the day, so please have patience with me if you have recently placed an order and on albums.

Thanks, and if you could say a prayer for me please to get better soon :)


Walther Wedding Party

Dayme and Marcus got married back in July and had the biggest wedding party I've ever seen.
There were 12 groomsmen, 12 bridesmaids, and 26 ushers!! Say what!

Here is the pretty bride and her maids...
I love the cute little stephanotis flowers. The wedding was in Lubbock, but they had a guy from Dallas I think bring in the cake and the flowers. He did gooood.
One of my favorites
She looked stunning...this veil was super lllooonnnggg
The guys were fun and full of ideas. One guy suggested a pyramid, and not everyone was on board, but as you can see, we did the pyramid. And soon after Marcus hoisted himself up to the top, they fell in seconds.
Then, they had the idea to get in a football form and run a play...
then, we sat down for story time

All eyes on Marcus
Look at Dayme, standing there so beautiful. And then look at the guys in the back. Ones taking a "picture" with his "camera", another is trying to be a model, and the one on the left looks like he's about to bite Dayme's arm. Lots of fun with this wedding :)

I am asking a question that I've asked many many times. Could you leave a comment? Please, pretty please, with sugar on top? I have many people look at my blog on a daily bases, but I never know you are there unless you say something. I want to know who you are and what is on your mind. Why do you come to the blog? Do you like what you see or not? Do you think my pictures are good, or just okay? Do you see someone you know, or maybe would like to know? Feel free to leave a comment with deep thoughts. I'd love to read 'em.



Benson at 7 months old "Momma's Boy"

After my sessions two Saturdays ago, Ben brought Benson up for his 7 month old pictures at the "Underground Embassy." He was dressed in a white onsie and looked so cute, so we took a few in that, but then I couldn't wait to get him in his super star clothes. He looked more like a little boy when I pulled his army pants on and slid the baby blue shirt over his sweet baby head. And with excitement he began throwing his arms around.

Right now he loves to rock back and forth so he was a little more active this time around of taking pictures. He is such a happy baby 95% of the time. Seriously! We love our little guy.
We bought him this cute t-shirt that says "momma's boy" and I love him in it. The shirt is kind of like an American Apparels soft Tee.
He is rolling over a bunch now and sitting up well on his own. He LOVES the dogs and says dada now. Our little baby is growing up so fast :(
Thats my little boy.



Wedding Package Updates

I have recently changed up my wedding prices. They start at $2,200. If you are interested in booking a wedding with me for 2009, just send me an email at

*Also, I am still giving away two more free engagement sessions for those who book a wedding with me for 2009.

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What I've been doing today...

Today I've been working on two web galleries, and finishing up a wedding album for Kelsey and Blandon, as well as placing orders.
It's been a busy day, but now I'm done with work and I'm off to eat some Chinese food with Ben and Benson.
Have a great night!

Kelsey and Blandon below



Weekend in Lubbock

While we were in Lubbock for a session on Friday, Benson got to hang out with my parents. My mom gave him a bath and he had fun playing with all his bath toys.
Also, my hair was almost to my waist. Honestly, the last time I had a hair cut was last November. I know, I can't believe its been so long. Well, my mom has been thinking I need a hair cut and so I gave in. I let her cut my hair with her kitchen scissors-6 inches off! I can't believe I let her do that with kitchen scissors. Anyways, we used the hair as a toupee for Benson :D
such a good sport hehe




I just received an email from Linda, and I was going to reply, but I marked it as unsafe on accident and I can't recover the email. Email me back please so I can respond to you. :)


Free engagement sessions

Want a free engagement session? The next three weddings for 2009 will get one!
Send me an email if you're interested:

I am going to Lubbock tomorrow for a session, and then coming back Saturday for a session here in Clovis.
My work load:
Working on Tilson-Hancock wedding album
Mullins-Walther wedding album next
Laing-Scarbrough wedding album after that
Web galleries
Catch up on blogs
Make more business cards



Check out FRED...

You must check out FRED EGAN'S blog right now and see the post on the pch girls (image below is one from Fred's shoot)
They are amazing and so inspiring
click here to check it out

Want a free engagement session?

The next three weddings booked for 2009 will receive a free engagement session.
Email me at:



Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

Dayme and Marcus are next in line for the wedding posts. Next will be Kelsey and Blandon.
I have several portrait sessions to blog too.

Also, sorry I don't keep up with my blogging all the time. Honestly, I would rather be playing with my family and hanging out than sitting in front of this darn computer all day long-Blah.
Stay tuned though for your session if I've done them recently. Much love and peace out.

Something to part you with:
Say this real fast- brown chicken brown cow
Hope you got a laugh out of that-if you got it. If you didn't, just say it ten times in a row and surely you'll get it after that :)



West Family

This first image reminds me of the picture given to all the siblings by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie "The Family Stone". I wish I had this one of me and Benson.
Little baby Gavin was a preemie and is two months old today weighing in at 13 lbs. Good job baby! proud daddy

This little cutie pie was probably the best newborn. He was asleep for most of the session and let us move him around without crying...
so tiny inside the basket
I love all the lines on his feet
I have one of these of Benson and it is a precious memory for me, so I wanted the West family to have one too.

cute little grin

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Saturday Sessions

Today I am busy with Saturday sessions, and praise the Lord for No rain so far. Several blogs behind, but will get them up sometime this week. I also have a new blog I'm working on and I'll be getting some posts up on that one soon. If I have blogged about your session on this blog it will still be up, but I'll be doing all my new sessions on the new blog hopefully soon.
Have a great Saturday and have fun hanging out with the family :)



Kelsey was married back in August, but we took her bridal pictures in June. I loved them so much and I've been eager to get these posted to share. She flew in from College Station, Tx and we did her bridal pictures in Lubbock.
Such a gorgeous girl, and an even more beautiful bride...




Miss Janie is a senior this year. She's a fun lovin' lady with a sweet smile.
Here are some favorites to share with you from her session the beginning of August...

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Graduates of 2009!

I have sessions available on Sept 20th at 9 am and 1 pm. And Sept 27th at 9 am, 1pm and 5 pm. Schedule your senior session with me and tell a friend. Each friend you refer you will get $20 off your order. Make sure they tell me you sent them too!
Call me soon to schedule your senior sessions so you can have cool pictures like Jadee (below).
This is for seniors in Clovis and surrounding towns, including the Lubbock folks. If you live even further, please schedule with me too :D I'd love to shoot you ;)

Jadee...for those who don't know, Jadee has been a sweet friend in my life for more than two years now. There are many reasons why I like this girl, but one main reason is probably because there is apart of her that reminds me of me. I'm not athletic like she is or have awesome biceps like she does, but there are things she does that make me think, "I would have done that". She is so bubbly and friendly to all the people she meets. She has a heart for God, and makes choices in her life that makes me proud. We are 10 years apart, but that doesn't matter too much to me. I am so thrilled and excited to be called Jadee's friend. She makes me remember to be young at heart and carefree. I also like to think of her as my little sister. She is someone I will always care for and pray that she continues to make decisions that are pleasing to God. It makes me get a little emotional knowing that she is a senior this year. When she was a sophmore, her and Caitlin were so much fun, and a little immature as all young teenagers can be (and sometimes people in there 20s too-like me). It has been really cool to see how God has molded her these last two years into the person she is today.

Below are just some highlights from her session yesterday. I will post more at another time, as I have others that are in line waiting to be blogged.

SENIORS...CALL ME K! 575.219.9312

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