All I want for Christmas...

Is my two front teeth!
Flying scarf...
what a cutie pie...

Again, one of my cousins. I love taking pictures of Brooke. She is so sweet and so cute and just so wonderful. And missing her two front teeth. We went downtown in Lubbock last Saturday and her neighbor came with us. Thanks Brooke for being so cute and for making my job so easy. I love you sweet thing.


Thanksgiving with the weavers...

this pose was planned-we're such nerds
My nana looks like she is saying "woaw" or she is the 're' lady from music class, my dad is like "I'm going to sit out on this one", my brother to the left says "I can't believe I have to do this", and my brother on the right is like "hey hey baby", and ben and I of course are doing jazz hands, because that is what we do and my mom is posing and looking cute or she's about to kick my brother in the knees. I love taking funny pictures.

we did this without any planning.
We were so ment for each other.

my mom and dad

This year we had Thanksgiving in Clovis at mine and Ben's house. It was fun and we had so much food left over. After resting for a few hours we went out around C-town and took pictures for my parents Christmas cards.


And it was good!
Click on the image to see it larger.

Belly...what belly...

...doesn't she look cute in that hat...

"A" was playing hide and seek with his toy

great curls

wow look at that face, so beautiful

she is glowing

I have been dying to post this maternity session. She was all about revealing the tummy and I loved it. I was telling them how great it was because not everyone will do that and they said, "We're taking maternity pictures. That's what we're here to do, show off the belly."

Leave a comment below, tell me what you think.


Siegel Family

These are my cousins. Very sweet and energetic. There was definitely bribing going on to get their attention for the pictures. Thanks Alex for your help and I had fun with all of you. The Weaver's will miss you at Thanksgiving. I will try and post a few more from the end of the session later.


Smith Family.Newborns

I had such a hard time picking out favorites from this session. This little baby was so good and only used the bathroom once. And yes his diaper was off too, but no one was harmed. Comment below and share with me your favorite. I want to take a poll and see which one you like best because I am going to hang it up in the OBGYNs office with all the other newborn and maternity photographs.


The Shields Family

My favorite picture is the very first one. Everytime I look at it I just laugh. These kids were a little shy but they laughed- a lot. They were very entertaining. It was a windy day and we had to change our plans so we took their pictures inside my house. I think I might have gotten more laughs than the "posed" look. But I love it because from what I can see, that is who they are--kids who love to have fun. Thanks mama K for the entertaining afternoon. And thanks for being patient as I was supposed to have these up much earlier.
Leave me a comment below and I'll imagine I'm opening up a birthday present. (That is what it feels like when I get comments) Thanks Shields family.


It Pays to Refer Cristy Cross Photography

If you loved your pictures taken by Cristy Cross Photography so much, you should go tell someone. If the person you refer schedules a session, you will be rewarded with a free 8x10 photograph.

Deadline has been extended

I have decided to extend the deadline for Christmas cards/photos to
December 2nd.
Please call today to schedule an appointment.


The Harmon's...

Aren't they a beautiful couple

Look at how HUGE that leaf is

She wanted me to hold her

Harmon family, Thank you for a fun morning. My husband, Ben and I went over to their house on Saturday morning to take family pictures. The youngest little girl all of a sudden clinged to me and wanted to me hold her. She really liked the sound of my camera and thought it was fun. She made me feel so special. The oldest little girl was having fun making leaf angels and throwing the leaves in the air. Thank you for being so fun and laid back. These are a few of my favorites I would like to share with all of you. Please comment below and tell me what you think. And thanks Harmon family. My all time favorite of these favorites is the one of mom and dad. How cute are they?