Erin and Jason. Wedding sneak peek

Erin and Jason became Mr. and Mrs. Swann this weekend in Olton, Tx. Ben and I absolutely loved everything about it. In a way, it reminded us of our wedding. Here is a favorite image I found and wanted to share.
It makes me want to do the Hot Dog Dance (imagine me dancing like Goofy)



Jennifer and Tim's Slideshow...

To view more pictures from Jennifer and Tim's wedding from last weekend, please click here.



Featured on Wedding Chicks

I just recently shared Jen and Tim's wedding on Wedding Chicks. This is a blog for brides-to-be and is looked at by tons of photographers and wedding go-getters.
Go see go see! Click on the image to go to the Wedding Chicks site.
And if you are a bride looking for ideas, this is the place to go.


More of Jennifer and Tim are married!


Be Prepared

Thanks to the maid of honor, Renee for taking these pictures for us.

This weekend Christy Penn came out to help me with my Roswell, NM wedding. It was raining a good bit before the wedding, so we stopped off at a trendy store to buy some rain boots (only $8) and jackets. We wanted to make sure we were super prepared.

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Jennifer and Tim. Wedding Sneaky Sneak Peek

Jennifer and Tim's wedding day finally was here and we had a great, and wonderful time despite the rain. Here are two of my favorites shots I got of the lovely bride and groom. Thanks for letting me do my thing...
Also big thanks to my sweet and lovely friend Christy Penn for assisting me and getting some awesome images of yesterdays wedding too. I can't wait to show you some of her work from this wedding!

Have a great Sunday!



Happy Birthday to ME!

This morning I woke up to a yummy breakfast burrito from FOXY'S and a whole lot of chocolate for my sweet tooth from Ben and Benson. It was 7:15 am when Ben came home with breakfast and normally I want to jut lay in bed, for I was too excited and wanted to get up, because simply, it's my birthday and I want to celebrate :)

This is another birthday/mother's day present Ben picked out ALL by himself just for me. He is the sweetest, most wonderful husband to me. He knows me so well.

Do you see that awesome bike seat?!

And the yummy chocolate...
And the birthday card-which has a story. When Ben and I were dating one of the first things we did before we were even dating was country western dance with each other. So when we officially started dating he bought me a painting of this lady dancing like a crazy woman on the dance floor. And well the crazy lady dancing was me :) The birthday card below reminds me of that, and that is why he bought it.

That's me lifting my leg up elegantly while Ben is the one in the top hat dancing. Hahhaha

Oh and well, I found this one in storage and thought I'd share it too. It's a little random. I did this collage of Ben when I was in college for an art class. If you remember Ben back when he had long hair, you would remember this face. We call it "Ben the Hulk". I did green and blue because those are our favorite colors. I need to do one of me and Benson so we could all match, but in different colors.
Enjoy this beautiful Friday, and have a great weekend. Also, celebrate my birthday with me by having something sweet today :)



Christina and Jeff. Engagement

Clovis has a beautiful secret garden with the greenest grass this town has ever seen. I walked into the garden to find Christina sitting comfortably on Jeff's lap as they waited for me to arrive. Immediately meeting these two, you could tell they were ment for each other. They were flirty and sweet to one another as I asked them questions of how they "found" each other. And ya know how they met? On myspace. They said when people would ask in the past of how they met, they would say at Applebees (b/c that is where they first met face to face), but wouldn't say anything about myspace. Who needs Eharmony when you have myspace, right? No need to be shy of how they met when the connection is THIS good...

This image makes me melt. Look at how gorgeous she is!

And these were at the Underground Embassy in Clovis. All the art work you see in the back is from Drew Merritt.
And they wondered if they were doing the whole posing thing right. This was natural for them, and I LOVED it.
I love this picture b/c he looks like her protector
He loves her, he loves her, he loooooves her
Hair,makeup and stylist props go to her sister: Shannon Cook at Solutions Clovis, NM



A couple weeks back I had the special privilege to photograph a friend of mine. We have known each other since I was in high school and she was in jr. high. Ansley has been dating her fiance, Zo since high school and they are now getting married. He is a sweet young man and loves Ansley like crazy. I can't wait for him to see her in her wedding dress. When I walked in the house for our session, I was blown away by her beauty as she stood there to greet me. Zo, just get ready, because I guarantee you will lose your breath and I won't be surprised if your buddies have to pick you up off the floor after you fainted because she will look so AMAZING she will literally knock you off your feet :)
I am looking forward to photographing their wedding in July!

Have a wonderful evening :)



Marshmallow Trio Is HERE!!

Today was the big day...the big day of receiving the Marshmallow Trio from Dean and Deluca. The UPS guy drove up and I met him immediately at the door with a huge smile. (Yes, I ordered me some too. I couldn't resist.) I wanted to rip the box out of his hands and tear it open so I could indulge in the sweet, soft, and fluffy goodness. And let me say, they were sweet, soft, and fluffy and O SO GOOD. I made sure to chew slowly so ALL of my taste buds could have a taste. I didn't want to leave any of them out!!
I hope the lovely moms who also received them today enjoy them as much as I did and will in the next couple of weeks. I definitely plan on sharing too. So if you want one or two or three, let me know. Haley and Lenie, sweet friends of mine, will definitely be getting some. Everytime I bake a sweet dessert, those two girls ALWAYS get to try them out.

I am about to deliver one of the orders to a sweet lady here in Clovis and I can't wait for her to open the package.
Have a great Wednesday!

These are the peonies from my backyard! Gorgeous!



Terryn. Lubbock, Tx Senior

I was in Lubbock over the weekend for Mother's Day as well as Terryn's senior session.
Such a lovely girl and her mom is a sweet lovely lady too. We had so many ideas and locations we wanted to do and go to and only got a couple of them done, but what we do have is gorgeous, because SHE is gorgeous.

Here are the favorites for you Terryn :)

I couldn't have asked for a better session with these Terryn and her mom. Thanks for looking blog readers. Leave us a comment and tell us what ya think :) Don't be shy now...

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Griffin. 4 days old

There are no words...

Simply adorable

This sweet 4 day old baby belongs to Haley and Tyler-very sweet dear friends of ours. I went over to their house yesterday to take pictures of their little guy and I brought Benson along with me. I am so thankful to Haley's mom, because she kept him occupied while I took pictures of her grandson. She loved on him like he was her own and he had so much fun :)


The Winner Is...

I have to say to everyone who entered, ALL of your moms are absolutely wonderful. I was teary eyed when I read each one. I started thinking maybe I should let everyone win, but realized I HAVE to pick someone. So through lots of thought I decided to pick three winners. Again, ALL entries were wonderful (including my husbands sweet words and those voting with him). Thanks for making me feel special :)

The three winners are:
Stephanie Blumer
Ginger Ivey

The things I noticed as an awesome quality about all of your moms is how they sacrifice and will do anything for you all and the ones they love. My mom is the same way to all of us in our family and we are very grateful for that. Now that I'm a mom, I know I too would do anything for that sweet little baby boy :)

I will be contacting you soon to get your mailing address for the fluffy marshmallows to be delivered to your casa.

Benson.15 months

This morning we went on a little adventure to the hair salon for Benson to get his first haircut. The lady that cuts Ben's hair lives around the corner, so we loaded our little boy up in his wagon and headed that way. He was such a good little boy. He sat very patiently in daddy's lap as she cut away his little baby hairs. (which we saved in an envelope for his baby book).

The paci and daddy kept him secure :)
Oh and you see how the flap on the paci is up? He like it like that. If you flip it down, he'll flip it right back up.
wook at that widdle baby hair
After the hair cut, we headed back to the house in his big boy wagon.
A little photo shoot of his new hair do.
We love everything about this boy--including those lovable lips :)
He will be 15 months old on Tuesday.
Our little baby is growing up into a sweet little boy.