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Revised RATES

Check out my website for the new and improved rates and details on this and that with CCP (cristycross photography)


Newborn baby boy

He's not going to like the bonnet pictures when he's older, but isn't he so cute!


He is 3 weeks old, and already too big for the towels. His head and feet were hanging off the edge.

I love when I get the opportunity to take maternity pictures, and then the newborns. It's so cool to see God's creation right before your eyes.
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Going on Vacation

Ben and I are going to Red River for some skiin' and slopin'. I'm excited because neither of us have been in a few years. I will not be answering any business calls while on vacation. If you need to contact me, please email me and I will reply when I get back. We will be back on Saturday, Dec 23rd and then leaving again for Lubbock for Christmas. There are a few orders coming in this week and I will be getting them to you on Saturday when I get back in town. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and enjoy the crazy snow we've received. Merry Merry Christmas!!


Williams Family

She is due in a month and they are expecting a baby boy. This is a couple that went to school with my husband. From what I understand they are high school sweethearts. It was a pleasure meeting you three.


Jolly Times


Houston Trip...Two Weeks Ago

My mom and I went to Houston and not only did I get to go to a really cool photo seminar, we also went shopping at some of my most favorite stores.
Kelly Moore Clark
Playing with my lighting after the seminar

Yes, the best brownie cheesecake I have ever had
It didn't last long...

I'm laughing as I take pictures of myself in Starbucks

My mom ignoring me as I take pictures of myself

Houston trip 2

The cute shirt I wanted to get from Anthropologie, but when I went back they were closed

Playing with lights and shadows

After my seminar with Kelly Moore, I wanted to immediately play with my lighting...heres me playing

cool toasters-right?


How cute are they...

She is due in a month! We found some dingy old comic books and I had to use them in the pictures. I tried to play with lighting and really think about what I was doing. I also processed some of them in a different coloring. I don't know if it is cross-processing or just something different. It's so fun to experiment. This couple was super great because it was freezing that morning. I couldn't feel my hands after 5 minutes. I hope you both didn't freeze too much.


La Folie

Look who's wearing LA FOLIE
La Folie is in this week's PEOPLE MAGAZINE. Paparazzi caught Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple wearing a la Folie original Babe in the Woods hat, and soon everyone was clamoring to know where she got that hat! After several pictures appeared online and in magazines like US, OK! and People, the enterprising style reporters at People got the scoop on la Folie and have now let the world know. (Check out page 172 of the issue on stands now!)
This is one of my La Folie hats. You've got to have have one. Check out their website and look at all the other great options.


My hair stylist

random napkin holders...I loved the colors

Oh my was it cold that day. I took them around downtown Clovis outside for a few shots and then brought them inside to our local antique shop Cydney's. It was way to cold to continue it outside. Thanks girls, I had fun. Also, if you need a hair stylist she is a great one to go to. I loved her hair so much I called her the next day to see if she would cut my hair like hers. And I love my hair! It's taken me a year to figure out what to do with it and she did a wonderful job.