Wedding Photographer Outfit

Check out this wedding photographer outfit. Cheap and sophisticated!
Click on image to read up on wear to find these pieces.
To other wedding photographers, what do you wear to your weddings?



Dress Up with Holly

I am going to keep sharing more and more pictures of Holly as the week goes by. If you'd like to see more from the Dress Up Project, click on "project" at the end of this post. More to come, so keep checking back.



Priscilla and Haleigh.Lubbock, Tx Bridals

Both of these girls are extremely beautiful. I am so overwhelmed with how these two sessions went today. There are numerous images that I gasped at all because of the gorgeous face God gave these lovely ladies. I will share more images after their weddings in June.



These were the awesome people that were in the group with me this week at BLEND in Santa Fe, NM. I took this picture from Beckers [b] school.
In my group there were people from Australia, Kansas city, New York, Arkansas, California, Seattle, Boston, North Carolina, Indianapolis, and Wyoming.




I have lots I want to share with you about my week at BLEND, but today was a bit crazy and you know what I'm talking about if you are a FACEBOOK friend. I'll give details later on that too. Anyways, I'm so tired and going to bed so I will be ready to go for my three bridal sessions this weekend. Here is one from this week of Lacie, Jose Villas assistant as well as a photographer in California. She is so gorgeous inside and out.



More of Jeremy and Ashley

Another fun shot of Ashley and Jeremy from our session taught by Jose Villa yesterday. Today:
I'm tired and hungry, but can't seem to stop doing photo stuff. Today was super duper awesome. I was on the team of "Awesomeness". Today we were with the Kaisers and let me tell ya they are a team full of fantastic loveliness. I have SO enjoyed this week and wish I could take each photo instructor home with me, as well as a few new photo friends. Now I'm off to din-din.



Ashley and Jeremy.BLEND WORKSHOP

At the BLEND workshop we are split up into three groups, with different instructors each day. Today I was with the super talented Jose Villa. What a genuine, real and honest person. I could only say positive things about this guy. He talked about passion, and how he functions as a photographer and then some helpful tips on getting published in a magazine. I WANT to be published. And I want you as my blog readers consisting of family and friends to hold me to that goal.
In Jose's group we did a fun photo shoot with a sweet couple, Ashley and Jeremy Parsons. Two fabulous photographers from Kansas City with real love.
Here's a shot I took of them. My idea for composition on the image was; 1. I love to shoot through objects, 2. I wanted her to be a fashionista and him Mr. GQ, and 3. The way I layed it out in photoshop was a tribute to my college days. I used to develop my own film (35mm bw, 4x5 film, and 120/220 film for the Holga) and Jose is a film shooter. And he does matted art pieces for his clients and it brought back great memories from back in the day when I used to do all of that stuff. So below is a little square cropping on my digital matte board.



Out of town...Again

Travel Schedule for the rest of March:

*March 23-25th I will be attending the BLEND Workshop put on by Jesh De Rox, Jose Villa and the Image is Found in Santa Fe, NM at the Encantado Resort.

*March 26-28th I will be in Lubbock for three bridal sessions.

I will be gettin' my learn on and won't be answering my phone. Please do leave a message, and I can try and get back to you later in the week. Or send me an email, and I'll respond when possible.



The Morrow's.Family. Clovis, NM Family

Oh I can't tell you how precious this little one is, so let me just show you...These two parents couldn't be MORE in love than they are with their sweet little boy. They are friends of ours, and Ben went to school with them. It is so sweet to see them with their new little baby, and to see them laugh and smile at the many wonderful things their baby does, such as poop and pee and spit up. And of course he gives smiles, and funny little faces, too :)
Then, we took some of the cousins together. They are just about five months apart.
And this one was FULL of smiles
Well, we couldn't forget this beautiful girl. She is one of the aunts to the two cute babies up above. And well she was super sassy and classy with her outfit, we had to snap a few...what a gorgeous young lady!!
This day was a wonderful day! I love newborns and wish I did more. If you want newborn pictures, call me. And don't wait! The very very BEST time for a newborn session is when they are just days old-no later than 14 days old. They are easier to move around, scrunch up in a tight ball, and they stay asleep through it all.

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The Bishops.Family.Albuquerque, NM

When I talked to the momma of this 14 month old baby on the phone, she told me he was a mover and a groover, but I didn't realize I just might be getting a workout. This little guy kept me on my toes and we made sure dad was around to give him grapes when ever he demanded. You have to be able to do almost anything for your baby/child when they are getting pictures :) A little bribe never hurt anyone ,right? I loved this session, because this little boy is only one month older than my Benson. He was basically Benson in another little boys body. Full of smiles, fun personality, and energy.
Just look at that sweet little face. He's saying, "catch me if you can!"
This is one of the few we got of him being held. He was not a fan of mom or dad holding him, so we had to make it fun by hanging upside down like a monkey.

Thanks Bishop family for a fun morning in Albuquerque, NM. I enjoyed EVERY minute with you and your little one.

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Beautiful Day with friends and donkeys

What do you get when you have mini-donkeys, confetti, balloons, carrots and five minks sewn together?
DRESS UP #2!! That's what :)

Today was so so beautiful. I even think I got some sun on my face! First, I picked up my sweet friend Jennifer and then we went out to the field of mini-donkeys and met up with Julia and Holly for DRESS UP #2. If some of you haven't seen the first shoot check it out here.

Holly was a wonderful model with a contagious smile. As I was looking through the images to pick favorites I caught myself smiling with her. She is a fun, bubbly young wife and mom and I was so pleased to work with her today.
And here is a little teaser for you... I will be in Albuquerque, Nm this week. I don't know how much internet access I'll have, so I will check in when possible. Have a great week :)



Baby Cakes

My friend Julia got all Betty Crocker today and made these awesome and delicous, melt in your mouth Baby Cakes or for those who speak Spanish, Bolas de la Torta (cake balls). They were so cute I HAD to take pictures...


Albuquerque, NM Sessions March 16-20

I will be in Albuquerque, NM March 16-20 and I am still taking sessions. I have a couple spots left if you are interested. Please send me an email to
This offer is available for families, babies, kids, high school seniors, bridals, and engagements.
You will be saving $200, because there will be NO travel fee. The session fee is $225-$300 plus tax.


Senior of the Month.March

The thing I love most about my job is it gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful people. Meet Lauren D. She is one of my seniors of 2009 and did a session with me back in February. A few things I know about her is she is stylish, athletic and very sweet, but I wanted to know more. So I prepared ten questions so that we could get to know her a little better.

Each month until graduation I will feature a senior that stands out in my mind with loads of pictures from their session and a fun questionnaire for us all to get to know them better and Lauren will be starting us off. Thanks Lauren for being the senior of the month for March!

P.S I got this idea from Michelle Moore

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Specifically for senior graduates of 2009..
Ya know you want some cool, fresh, and funky senior pictures right? Well then let me take your pictures, because that is just what you will get. I am young and cool (at least my friends tell me I am)! I get my ideas from high fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Elle and MensVogue (for the fellas). I also research editorial photographers that shoot for these specific magazines as well as photographers that shoot for Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.
And if you'll let me, I'll help pick your outfits out. I love playing stylist as well as being your photographer.
Call me, email me, come over and knock on my door and say, "hey hey! I want you to take my pictures please!" And then I'll be like, "yo yo okay! Lets do this then!" And that will be that :)

Check out my website for portrait prices

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Sydney and Kristen. Seniors

Today was a windy, no gusty and crazy wind blowing day. However, God provided perfect places just for my two sessions today. Not to say we didn't get a little wind blown, because we most definitely did. But we were still able to get awesome, beautiful shots of these two lovely girls. I also found new fun locations too. I can't wait to go back and see what other angles I can work from.
First meet Sydney...

Then Kristen...

Both of these girls are sweet and down to earth. I loved every bit of taking pictures with them today. I also enjoyed getting to know them better as a person.
I hope you like your sneak peek girls. Leave a comment and tell me what ya think!

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Chocolate Ganashe

Today I made chocolate cupcakes and chocolate ganashe glaze. Put the two together and you have the closest thing to heaven. I ain't kidd'n either! Look at those lovelies...

All ya need to do to make the glaze is take one part heavy whipping cream and three parts chocolate. I made enough ganashe for 20 cupcakes using 2 oz of cream and 6 oz of chocolate cooking squares. Heat the cream and butter (I used 1 tbsp) and then mix with chopped chocolate. I put my chocolate in a separate bowl on top of a saucepan containing water and continued to heat the mixture this way. It worked great and I kept it on low heat and dipped the top of the cupcakes in it.
After they cooled, I packaged some up and gave them out to friends so I wouldn't be tempted to eat the all.


Kara.Just Because

More of the beautiful Kara...

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More of Maggie.Baby

I spent my Saturday morning with the lovely Norris family. It has been so great seeing them as a family, because I knew Tiffany back in junior high, then they were one of my first weddings almost two years ago. And now, celebrating with them and their sweet baby Maggie at her six month pictures.
I also had an awesome and relaxing facial from Tiffany on Friday evening. Wow! It was so so nice. I loved every bit of it and I can't wait to get back in there for another one. She works at Radiant Lily in Lubbock. You should go check her out. (In the shopping center with Zookini's)

Here are more favorites...

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