Out of the Office

I will be out of the office until the beginning of September. I will not have any access to a computer and very little access to my phone. I will return all messages and emails when I get back.
Have a wonderful week.

Enjoy this session of Melody until I return.


August has blessed us...

First of all, Ben and I have been married for 5 years August 16th. We celebrated with a bunch of random presents and then we are going on a trip with my family to the Grand Teton's in Wyoming.
A few random gifts we exchanged:
Two Annie Leibovitz books and a bio DVD of Annie
Snoopy snow cone maker from our childhood
Volume one of Food Networks tv show "Unwrapped"
New shoes for the both of us ( I got some really comfortable one's that are great for my tired feet)
A Willow Tree (wooden) carved statue of a man and woman hugging each other. (the five year gift is something wood)
A cute baby frame Ben got me
The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie
A day at the fair with a yummy funnel cake
and I think that's all...

Then, we found out today that we are having a baby BOY! We are so thrilled and by the pictures, which we got 15 still images of our sweet baby boy, there are three of them that definitely say it's a boy. (He gave us some good angles) Here are a few below:

4D pics of our baby boy

Puttin' up his dukes

What do you think we should name our baby boy? Tell me in a comment below. I'd love to
hear your thoughts and suggestions.

The Digital World

I always notice other photographers posting before and after images and every time I see them I am amazed. So, I thought I would try one myself. I was looking at Lauren's new pics and the retouch work she did on her pics and thought I would try. I really don't know much about retouching except with coloring and I'm not 100% at that either.
Here is my attempt to retouching a photo of a lovely senior.

before after
This sweet girl is already perfect just the way she is, but I wanted to experiment on someone so I hope you don't mind Ashley.
Some of the things I worked on was her underarm skin. Don't worry-we ALL have it. And then I highlighted her lips and added some eye shadow. Then, I used several different actions to make the colors pop. I also tried to smooth out her skin color on her arm and back.
I really would like to take some classes on photoshop and learn some retouching skills. If anyone has any tips as far as this pictures goes, please let me know.



Pictures on a Sunday afternoon

Pictures of baby David to follow...



Clements Wedding

Web gallery is up for the WoodsClements wedding.



the "Whitty" family

I just have to say I am so blessed to always be working with such wonderful families.
Here are some favorites of a wonderful family I worked with last week.
Sweet, sweet brother and sister relationship

ooh girl you are gorgeous!



Cristy Cross Photography is at the Fair

This year I was asked to have a booth in the commercial building at the fair. Yesterday was the first day and it was so much fun and we had so many people come by and fill out info for us. Jennifer and Jadee made up a rap song about CCP that I recorded and if I can figure out how to put it up on my blog I will. It's so funny! Today I was a little tired for the fair due to the late work the day before and then I drove to Hereford to do a session of three lovely kids. When I get caught up on posting, I'll let you see the sweet faces of the Schaap family. I have four Schaap families so don't let me confuse you, by the way. Jadee and Jenn working on their rap-they sang it for the whole building to hear
Some beautiful visitors that came by to say hello
More wonderful volunteers-Jan and Ali. Such wonderful wonderful people!
Thanks everyone so far for all your help. We will be out at the fair the whole week, so if you haven't yet come by and say hello. We are doing a drawing everyday, and then a grand prize drawing on Saturday.



Going to Albuquerque!

Before living in Clovis, Ben and I lived in Albq for three years. A sweet friend of mine is getting married this weekend and she asked me to be her wedding photographer. First of all, I'm so excited for her and the new journey she will be taking with her awesome husband. Second, I am so excited to eat at Dion's. If you don't know Dion's you are totally missing out. And if you do know Dion's, you know what I'm talking about. I seriously thought about it last night at 2:30 am as I was eating me a bowl of cereal. I'm going to get the ever so yummy pastrami and swiss sandwich with a pickle spear, and the Greek dressing. And then, I'm going to dip my wavy potato chips in the Greek dressing. My mouth is so watering right now. I can't wait.

Oh yeah, I forgot I was writing this to tell you that I was going out of town this weekend. We will be back Sunday evening, so please leave messages and emails and I'll get back to you next week.
Also, don't forget the Curry County Fair is this week and Cristy Cross Photography has a booth. I'm trying to decorate a little eclectic style. We'll see how it turns out.

Have a great weekend!


My 10th Caller Family

I'd like to announce to you the family who won the 10th caller contest. They will receive $50 off their print order. Thanks Glikas family!

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The last time I took pictures for this family, was for mom's maternity pics with the little one still in her belly. God is so amazing with his whole process of us being born. Once in the belly, and now out in the world walking around and smelling his creation.
These are a few favorites to share with you from this session.
Look closely, mom gave him a mohawk...he was so cute, and his shirt says "king of rock". Mom did a great job with his outfit and hair do.
The beautiful ballerina
She was done at this point, but I still think she looks like model material
playing a little peek-a-boo
I'm trying to do the "Audrey Woulard I'm cool kid" pose...if anything she's got the "cool kid" look
Sweet mohawk baby
Thanks for a wonderful session. Remember, comments rock!!

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Gift Certificates

Birthdays are coming up in my family and it reminded me to tell you that I have gift certificates for you. Give them as a birthday gift, just because, anniversary or you can get ahead start on Christmas gifts. They are totally worth it and the card itself is really cool!

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Sneak Peek...Ashley

My session yesterday was so so much fun. We took pictures with a zebra, camel, and an ostrich! We were careful not to get too close to the ostrich. We were warned it was mean and might peck at us.

Can we say super model!!



Check it Out

So this sweet girl emailed me the other day wanting to know if I'd do an interview for one of San Antonio's news stations and have it featured on their blog. I was so excited I of course said yes!
Go check it out and read all about Cristy Cross as a photographer.
click here ---->The Interview

Also, check out a photographer, that so happens to be this sweet girl who emailed me for the interview named Maile. She is a photographer of Relish Photography <----click there. You should check her out too!




The Hughes-Loven wedding was last weekend and I was editing through their pictures for the web gallery, and I came across this favorite of Amanda with her dad. Just wanted to share...



Drew Merritt

You are invited to a special viewing of local artist, Drew Merritt
You will find some of the most awesome work I've ever seen in the "Underground Embassy."
Saturday, August 4, 2007 @ 3 pm
321 E First St (the old Cydney's Antique Mall)
Clovis, NM
This is a view of his awesome gallery, and I am super jealous. This my ideal studio!
I was so pleased when I received a call last Saturday asking if I'd be interested in taking pictures of Drew's art work for his website.
I have never met Drew or his mom Debbie, and both of them have been so much fun to work with. Debbie is a dear, and so incredibly sweet. The both of them are tremendously talented, having the artistic eye for every little detail that has been put in to play for this show.
You HAVE to go check out this show. I promise, you won't be disappointed.
I love the exposed walls and stained concrete floors
A few favorites of mine...

I think this one is my all time favorite. I've looked at these pictures a while and I keep coming back to this one. This painting draws my attention because of the red and the girls profile.
A few favorites of my session with Drew,the artist himself.

And we couldn't forget his puppy, Chollo. What a sweet little doggie!


I love surprises

To my surprise this morning, Ben walks in with a bouquet of sunflowers. He hands them to me saying, "these are the flowers to say thank you for having our baby and for all that you do and something to brighten your day when you feel sick." I was completely shocked and felt so loved at that very moment. I know flowers don't last very long, but I love getting them. And these most of all are very special to me. Thanks Ben for being my husband and for all the hard work you do for our family. I also had another thing happen today that made me so excited. My friend Alaena called to let me know that the sports modeling pictures we took last summer helped her get a job modeling for Adidas in Dallas this year. She will be modeling Stella McCarthy's new line for this year in a private modeling show for Adidas. How cool is that!!
Anyone interested in modeling and need some pictures taken, don't hesitate to call. Maybe you'll be the next sports model.