Heather is the first student to receive the "Spotlight" treatment, which included a free session.
Here are a few favorites from her awesome session last Monday.
Just a reminder to high school seniors: Order your pictures soon if you want them in your graduation announcement!
not naming names (Taylor and Lindsey) :)


Mother's Day

Mother's Day, May 13th
Don't forget to buy something special for you momma!
Let her indulge and feel like a super model.
Buy her a gift certificate for a session to get her pictures made by Cristy Cross Photography!



Sweet Words...

Meet Lauren Zaffos on her myspace page and check out her blog she wrote about me. I don't even know her and she is writing these sweet words about me.
Thanks Lauren and you keep coming back and browse around all you want and thanks for your kind words.
I cannot do any of this photo business without God or my husband. And if I ever left God out of my work it just wouldn't be right, since he gave it to me.

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If you have your web gallery up
and you want pictures for announcements
you need to order them today.
Time is running out! Jump on it!
Order your pictures...right now!



New Prices

Session fee prices have changed.
If you have already booked a session with me in the future, the old session fee applies to you only.

Check out to see changes.

click on link above



I wish I could post all my favorites, but here are just a few. Jadee was pulling apart dandelion's and letting them blow in the wind

I was trying to get Sabrina to do this, but I realized once I got up there it wasn't going to work and Jadee snapped one of me

Good 'ol Jadee being a wonderful assistant

Let me describe Sabrina to you. She is bubbly, so so cute, tender hearted, compassionate, and always smiling. She was voted most positive on her cheer squad and is loved by many. Jadee helped me on this session and the three of us had a great time exploring new places in Texico, NM. Thanks girls for a fun Saturday morning.


My little helper

Ben and I took pictures at Clovis Christian prom last week. There were about 50 people total, so 25 couples. It was a blast and I couldn't have done it without Ben. I wanted to have our picture taken together with our ccp shirts, but we sort of forgot. So this one of Ben and the high school guys will take the place of my original idea.
Here is Ben with Larry, Tim and Heath.
Tim, I notice you make that face in a lot of your other pictures...

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Erica and I went to some of the same places I've gone to in the past, but we explored to different areas in the same locations. Marshall Jr. High was one regular place I go to, and alley ways. I found new doorways, and cubbie holes and it was such a beautiful day too. These are a few of my favorites. Check in two weeks for the web gallery.


Drake Family

This was created because baby "L" went to the bathroom in his diaper and made a few noises

She was a little shy at first

Did I mention this baby is only two weeks old and look at that head of hair

First of all, what a cute family! The two year old was a doll and really energetic. She was shy at first, but gradually warmed up to me. Her baby brother was so sweet too. He slept most of the time, and fed the rest of the time. Mom and dad you two were so nice and it was a pleasure working with you. I can't wait for you to see the rest of the images.

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Cow paddies and Kayla

Moore pictures of Kayla on my blog header

This session was by far one of the most fun I'd had in a while. We went to her families dairy and got inside the cows pen to take the pictures. When you get close to the dairy, you smell the dairy air. (that sounds funny! lol)
The cows were a little shy and curious all at the same time. I had been planning this session ever since we knew I was taking her senior pictures. Her in a red dress with her black and white cows. It was awesome! We took pictures with hay stacks, and baby cows too, and the calf's were only a day old. They were so cute and would come close to you to get some sweet kisses.
We wore rain boots in the cow pen for a few of the pics, and then Kayla put on her nice white shoes for variety while in the cow pen. I tried helping her get the rain boots off, and putting the nice white shoes on. While doing so, I got poo on my hands. It was real nice I tell ya. Then, when we were done with the cows I thought I'd be nice and help her out of the pen by her hopping on my back. She jumped up and then I tried to lean over to pick up the cardboard she was standing on (so her shoes wouldn't get dirty) and when I leaned over and tried to come back up, we fell and she came down and I almost sat in a pile of poo. Oh my gosh I was so nervous that she had fallen into the poo. Thankfully she didn't, but she did get her shoes dirty.
Also, while I was walking around for the "right angle" I stepped in a freshly dropped cow paddy. It was really gross. What a fun experience! I absolutely loved it.



High School Friends

Last Sunday I headed to Tiffany's wedding shower (the cute one in the white and black polka-dot dress). You wouldn't believe all the stuff she got. She got something that I need to get too. It's a mixer bowl with a rubber outside so when you stir, it won't move around on you. Way cool right!
These are some of my friends that I went to school with way back when:
Tiffany and I met in jr. high. I've known her through many different hair styles and discovering her muscles in her arms. I totally think she got her dads muscles by the way. Her birthday was last Sunday as well. What a great way to celebrate-having a wedding shower on your birthday!
Betsy(Wynonna Rider look-a-like/petite) She and I went to elementary all the way to high school together. A memory I have of Betsy is in Mrs. Smither's class in 5th grad she dressed up as a boy for 50s day. I don't know why that is the memory that just popped in my head. Betsy do you remember taking care of the Iguana?
Ashley, cute blonde in back. She and I went to high school together and met in women's choir. She was a soprano and I was an alto. So the memory I have of Ashley...I'm sure you've guessed it already is one;she sings "one fine day" in this wierd accent (really funny), and then our camping trip to Palo Duro. Oh great memories.
Marci-well I actually don't know her. She is friends with Tiff and does hair at LIndsey's Salon on Glenna Goodacre and University. I'm excited to get to know her more when I go to Dallas for the bachelorette party.
Becca, another cute blonde in polka-dots. She and I met in jr. high, but I don't think we really started haning out until high school. We were also in choir together and also went on the Palo Duro camping trip. We woke up to turkey's gobbling. And we also have the same birthday-May 15th, which is coming up very soon!
Heather, the tall and beautiful. We met in high school and had English class together our jr year. Heather was very smart in our English class, and I was not so great. I took her engagement pictures almost 5 yrs ago when I was just starting out and I thought I knew what I was doing. I have really learned sooo much since then.
I had a blast with all you girls and I am so pumped for Dallas and hotel zaza


Have You Heard...

Okay, I have to say that I'm very excited! I was talking with Allison last night when I noticed I had exactly 10,000 hits on my blog. Oh my goodness I'm super excited. I honestly have been waiting for the magic number to appear on the bottom of my screen.
Thanks everyone who comes and visits everyday. For some of you I know exatly who you are. And thanks to those who this might even be the first time to visit and then of course to the anonymous bloggers whom I've never met.
Thanks and go splurge on a cherry vanilla creme sprite to celebrate!



Gallery Wraps

Offering to you:Gallery Wrap mounting for Fine Art Canvas. Your
image is printed larger then the final size, and the print is then
wrapped around a thick wooden stretcher bar. Staples are on the
back of the bar. Framing paper covers up the back of the bars,
and metal hangers and bumpers are applied to the corners. The
Gallery Wrap is ready to hang with no additional work needed.
Gallery Wraps are now available in two different depths.

Give me a call and order one of these bad boys.

The are super sweet and oh so nice.



This week and last weekend we had a play called "Eternity" at our church. It was put on my the church members and directed by three guys from Oregon, who travel around to churches putting on the play. They put everything together in a short amount of time and from the four days they showed the play 234 people were saved and many rededications. The worship center seats 600 people and last night they ended up doing a back-to-back play because there were so many people wanting to see it. It is amazing what God can do.
Can I get an Amen!

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This was my last session with Lupe and I think we ended on a great one. I can't make up my mind on which is my favorite. I love the angle on the first one, the smile on the second on,e and the "America's Next Top Model" look on the third one.


Prom Attire

Oooh girl don't you look good! I loved this session! We did a few at my house with my new antique couch and my studio lights. I bought the lights for a prom I was doing and I figured why not try them out on my portraits. My friend Davina went to a One Light Workshop and I didn't really know anything about it, but I saw her pictures and they were so cool that I wanted to try it too. The first image is the one I tried with one light.
The second one was an idea I got from the picpockets. I used two lamps on the side and then a video light from the top that Allison's sister held for me.
The last one we did at Ben's office. It is kind of loft-like with the brick walls and multi windows. I had to try that one and it made me think for a minute I was Audrey Woulard with her cool natural light loft.
Well I'm sad that I don't have more posted, but I have to get busy on web galleries.



Last Saturday I took pictures of this nice looking senior. Here a few of my favorites.
I have some cute one's too of him and his girlfriend, but I could only post a few.




KayCee is a senior at Texas Tech and is a wonderful women. We found all kinds of red and black around Clovis that I didn't realize we had. Here are a few of this pretty girl to share with you.

And by the way if I had red hair, I totally would want her color.


Curque Du Soleil

The beautiful Stephanie, Kristin, Amy, Davina, Lauren, me, and Shan

This is so overdue and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get it up. Thanks Lauren for reminding me about it. Love ya girls!

This is us at "KA" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and such a cool show that you have to go see.



Thank You cards

These are my new "Thank You" cards!
I'm getting them printed through my lab that does my client work on linen paper.
Yipee I'm so excited.


Ice cream and a wash-o-mat

I'm sad that this is my last session with Anjelica. We have had so much fun. Thanks Jadee for coming along and being such a wonderful assistant. We went to DQ first for our last session. Then, we went to the wash-o-mat. We have the coolest wash-o-mat too! It is totally retro. Then we went to the Asian convenient store, and then to my house. I just recently bought new furniture for my office and we used them for some of the pics.
Anjelica you are beautiful inside and out!