Curtis Family

Here are some favorites from the Curtis family. These kids are SO cute!
Holiday special:
Purchase pictures on the WEB GALLERY and receive 15% off when you purchase $150 or more. This offer ends Saturday, December 6th, so jump on those Christmas presents. (applies only to web gallery orders)
The grandparents have mini-donkeys and the kids love them you need to get this boy into modeling :)

and again, modeling classes!

how could you say no to this sweet face with those big blue eyes

I love this one of mom and baby. Benson and I need one like this.

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I am Extraordinary

This morning I was listening to Joel Osteen on iTunes about how I am extraordinary. I thought I'd share what God has taught me and hope that you also realize that YOU are extraordinary.

Go and listen to this sermon from Joel Osteen, called "You are an extraordinary person."



I entered these three images in a contest today, and I'll know tomorrow if I win $300 towards fun merchandise with a photography company. Wish me luck!

Also, I will be in Lubbock November 28th and have an opening for a session at 10 am Texas time if anyone is interested. There will be no travel fee of $95, because I will already be there! Session fee is $225. Check website for details.
Email or call to book your session :) 575.219.9312
Session can be family, kids, high school seniors, engagements...etc

Penn Family

Zarikta Family
Adair Family

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I'm Back

I'm back and working on orders and returning emails


Going to Lubbock

Danica had her baby girl, Marlys Jane and they are both doing great. When telling their three year old son Max about his baby sister arriving today, he said"okay" and ran off to play on the playground at school. Little does he know his life will be changing, but I'm sure he will get over it as he gets more used to her being in "his" house and in "his mommies arms." Thanks so much for your prayers for her delivery. Marlys is a healthy baby girl and couldn't be cuter. Danica and Greg were saying tonight how blessed they feel with two wonderful kids. Praise God :)
I am headed to Lubbock on Tuesday to see my best friend, Danica (above) who is having her second baby. Pray for her labor and delivery please. We want a happy and healthy baby and mommy :)

Some things I'm working on:

Filling orders

packaging orders

Christmas card orders

Coffee table books (6)

web gallery

I will return to these tasks above on Thursday.

Have a great Tuesday and Wednesday!



*Updated Post
I shot this one through an old rusty metal pipe... I love the bubble! I didn't have one of these growing up. It was a little bit of a challenge for me to get up and down the thing. I was afraid I might rip my pants. Thankfully I got down without embarrassing myself.

She let me experiment a little...
Isn't she gorgeous!

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Introducing my new ride :) I love to name my cars, but I'm not sure on the name yet. Any suggestions?

Look at how shiny the car is with my reflection in it. I am so excited!

Yea!! We have wanted to get one of these for almost two years now, and finally the Lord provided. Ben's jeep is 13 yrs old and has had lots of problems this year so we thought this was the time to get a new car. I will be driving the FJ and he will take over the Denali.


Benson is 9 months

Benson is 9 months old today. He has been in outside of my belly just as long as he was in my belly. Let me tell you some stats on this baby boy.
He has FIVE teeth. Yes, that's right. And he got three teeth in two weeks.
He rolls everywhere
He is working on crawling and just about has it down
He walks with mommies help and takes nice big steps
He laughs like crazy which makes us laugh like crazy
He wears 12 month clothes ( fit kinda big)
He chats with his girlfriend Pacyn every now in then in baby talk and she gives him kisses :)
He is learning how to say ball, mama, and baby
We will find out how much he weighs and how tall he is next week. Ben is guessing 24 lbs, and I say 22 lbs. If you've held our baby you know he is a big boy.
Ben and I are loving our little baby monkey. He is the best :D




This girl has natural beauty. I don't think she is wearing an ounce of makeup and she looks stunning...I wish I had her complexion when I was in high school. Just today another girl and I were just talking about how we NEVER looked like the high school seniors do today. What is up with all of these beautiful young guys and gals, ya know!

Leave little notes of affirmation for Gabrealle in the comment section below :) It feels good to receive, but feels even better to give.

A lady was driving by as we were doing this shot below, and asked if we needed any help and if she was okay. hehehe

her little sister was standing behind me giving her pointers on this one

peek-a-boo :)

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Family Session Available

I have an opening for a family session on November 15th at 9 am. Spots are limited so if ya want it come get it :)
Families must be fun, laid back, easy-going, super fun, and non-traditional. We will run, jump, play with the kids, and well basically be a family like you would on a Saturday morning wrestling with your kids. The key to my family sessions is , we MUST have FUN!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)

Email me at


Sneak Peek Coffee table book

I finished a family coffee table book today and I wanted to share one of my favorite pages...So here it is. She is a little GAP model fully clothed in the latest outfits from GAP kids.


Christmas Cards 2008

This is for all the early birds who are wanting Christmas cards already. Below are a few samples of Christmas cards this year. Your options are :
1. 5x7 photocard one side printed on Kodak paper, $42/25 pk
2. 5x7 flat cardstock semi-gloss 2 sided card, $60/25 pk
3. 5x7 folded cardstock semi-gloss 4 sided card, $85/25 pk
You may also upgrade from semi-gloss to art linen on the flat and folded cards
*Colors and wording can be changed

Sample One-front

back one
back two
Sample Two-front
Sample Three-front

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