Say hello to a beautiful 12 yr old face. Absolutely flawless skin!
I walked into the Java Loft to meet Hannah and her mom and that girl Hannah was so spunky and fun RIGHT from the start. I wish I had a little 12 yr old personality in me like this girl. Being with her today made me miss being 12. Seriously! I love her honesty. She says it like it is and that is just her. She is super dooper fun and I would love to have another session with her soon. Next session we do Hannah will be on a roof. I'll be searching...until then her are some favorites of you sweet Hannah.

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Thanks Jennifer, Amanda, and Renee for being so fun and full of life. Here is a sneak peek image from your session today Jennifer :)

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The Cross Family lately

The past two weekends have been so enjoyable hanging out with Ben and Benson. We've groomed our yard, planted Zenia plants, and taken walks. Lots of home cooked meals, and good family time. Benson is a full time walker now and is 14 months old. Look out world, her comes lil' B!

Praise God for our sweet little boy and for our sweet little family.

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Cruz.6 month old baby

Cruzie (the baby) is a sweet friend of mine, and so is his mom. She is the lovely Julia that has modeled for me and also does my hair. (look for the dark brown hair model) And she is also the one that introduced me to baby cakes. She took care of my white/gray roots on Monday praise the Lord!!

Cruz was due for his 6 month pictures, so Benson and I went over to their house for a little photo shoot. This was the first time I'd ever taken Benson with me to a session. I brought along his car to keep him company and Julia would blow bubbles for him too. I think he did a pretty good job. He was a little jealous Cruz was getting the attention, but I think he knows he holds a special place in my heart :)

Look at this cuteness. This was one of the first shots of the session.
Hello model baby
Sweet, sweet moment
He is still learning to sit up by himself, but he did this for us for about 5 seconds or so. Way to go Cruzie!
He is looking at his momma on this one. He LOVES his momma :)
Thanks Cruz and Julia for a fun afternoon!


Contest Anyone?

I thought he would like the clown wig, and well obviously I was wrong. But ya know I had to take it because he looks so cute.

I have had such an awesome week hanging out with Ben and Benson and it has put me in a wonderful mood :)
So I feel like doing a contest and having a prize for one lucky winner. The only thing is, what should I do?
Leave a comment with some ideas. It can be photography related, or something random.



Savanna, fabulous Savanna. I enjoyed my session with her and her mom yesterday. Here are some favorites from my new favorite location :)

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Tyler and Haley.Maternity


Tyler and Haley are some of our dear friends and they are having a baby in two weeks. We went out this evening for a maternity shoot so I could get some sweet pictures of her cute belly. I also think Haley and Tyler make a smashingly striking couple. So, thanks Haley and Tyler for being so darn good looking and for making my pictures look so pretty :)

I got this idea from "from the HIP" catalog from Anthro
I love :)
yep yep. Love this one too.
ooo baby baby, b-b-b-baby...Haley you so pritty
I LOVE LOVE this one

Seriously dude!! I can't believe he can jump this high. This is something I didn't know about Tyler. Secretly in his spare time he practices with cheerleaders. Just kidding. He actually practices ultimate fighting. He says that's why he's so limber. I still say it's a secret love for wanting to be a male cheerleader :)
Haley was really nervous...Thankfully no babies or mommies were squished by daddy's toe-touch.




I saw this family on Wednesday night at church and told the little boy I was coming to his house on Thursday to take pictures and play. He didn't seem too excited. He's never met me before and I'm sure he was like, "what ever strange lady." That was until he started talking about his toy crane and telling me ALL about it.
Then, I showed up at their house the next day, and he STILL remembered the crane and wanted to play.
His sister also has never met me, and came and sat in my lap before we really had a chance to shake hands and say hello. This is a sweet family and I loved being apart of their day for those two hours. Thanks Marsalis family :) Your kids are SO SO adorable! What a blessed family.

I feel like they are models for Children's Place in this one (since that is where they got their clothes)
wook at that wittle baby. (say this with lips fully puckered)
dad getting tackled
she's only 3 months old, but she knows about those cool suckers.
Lollipop lickin' time
mom and dad also got a little lovey time in :)

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BLENDED group of Friends

I still haven't posted some of my stuff from BLEND! I do want to share with you some of the friends I made while I was at the workshop. Everyone was super awesome and wonderful and incredibly friendly. Click on their names and check out their work too. They are talented photogs from all over North America: Minnesota, West Virginia, California, Canada, New York, Seattle, North Carolina and Indiana to name a few.

Emily Griffith
Michelle Waters - these girls were so loving and we clicked right away. I love those kinds of friendships :) Kelsy Nielson - sweet friend from Canada.
Jesh De Rox - you must go to one of his workshops.
Tamara Lackey -she is a fun girl. I loved meeting her.
Bobbi - they stole my camera and I found this.
Dale Benfield
- loving on the sucker I passed out to my classmates from William Sonoma.

Intense times with the Kaisers
the image is found - oh yeah. light action.
Cheyenne doing the crouching tiger method to get her shot
Desiree - very crafty
Jose Villa - such a sweetheart




Warning: Operating a vehicle while looking at these images may be dangerous. They will NOT be dangerous to your health and you MAY leave the blog feeling happy saying ooo and ahhhh over the gorgeous-ness you will be facing. Please advice anyone you know to come and take a look at this knock-out girl as soon as possible :)

Check it:

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Jennifer and Tim. Engagement

Jennifer and Tim are getting married May 16th in Roswell, NM and I can't wait for their wedding. Here are some favorites I'd like to share with you of this fun loving couple...

Jennifer you are stunning!!