The Wiley Twins

I went to brand new locations for this session...not telling you where because it's a secret until I get some use out of them.
Blake loved getting his picture taken. Not really, but I think he had fun playing on the tires. Brooklyn looked so cute with her new haircut. It makes me want to get my hair cut like hers.
New website pictures are up too by the way. So share some comments on this session, and then hop on over to the website to see the new pictures.
Also, I just want to make sure that if you are looking for my website, make sure you spell it right.
Website addresses: or
If you put an H in "cristy" you will be taken to some random web page. I've had a few people try to check out my website, and have problems. Come to find out, they were just spelling my name wrong.

Oky doky, here are some favorites to share with you...

have a blessed day!

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Sneak Peek from this weekend

Twins B and B
kiddos from the Burn's family

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Famiy Weekend

This weekend was so nice. We hung out with family from Kansas and enjoyed their company so much. Benson got to wear his cute hoodie from baby Gap that my friend Shelley got him for the first time this weekend. He looks so cute I could just eat him up :)

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Stephanie T. Senior

I'm doing a little catch up on my blogging. The end of the school year was super busy with senior orders. I love it when it gets busy, but I also love it when it slows down and I can stop for a breather.
Meet the beautiful Stephanie. She is a sweet, outgoing young lady that is blessed with an awesome family. She loves to have pictures taken of her, but not in an arrogant way by any means. She is true and genuine and has a heart for God. This girl is going places thats for sure with the determination she has for life.
Here are some favorites to share with you... Share some love with comments too!

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The first time I took pictures of Addison, she was just weeks old. Then I think we took some around nine months and now she is 17 months old. I feel like I just took her newborn pictures not too long ago. She is a sweet active little girl that loves donuts and oreos. Here are some favorites to share...

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Tara and Gage.Engagement

June 6th, in San Diego, Tara and Gage are getting married. We took their engagement pictures several weeks back on a windy day that blew in a huge dust cloud. Thankfully, we had already gotten plenty lovely images before it hit us. This family has been so wonderful to work with and I am so excited for San Diego. Here are a few favorites

tara running
Also, I have been trying to get this picture (above) to work, and finally I figured it out. Refresh the page to see it more than once.

Look at her beautiful ring!

And this is Tara's daughter. She is full of life and sweet smiles.


Sushi for Lunch

A couple of weeks ago, Ben and I ventured out and went to the Oriental store and bought sushi rice, sticky rice, yummy soy sauce, some awesome sweet and spicey sauce, crab, seaweed wrap, and some other stuff to make our california rolls. It was so much fun. I think we did a pretty good job at making them. The cutting part was hard though. I think I needed a super super sharp knife to cut the seaweed wrap. We ended up eating them like burritos. We dipped them in soy sauce and I tell you what, they were awesome!
We like to go to a place called Thai Thai's in Lubbock and when we do, I like to get the sticky rice with mangos for dessert. So since we were making california rolls, I thought we should make sticky rice too. It is so easy, and tastes so good. If you want to try this yourself, the links for the recipes are below.
click here ->California Roll recipe to get the recipe
click here ->Sticky Rice recipe to get teh recipe



Look at my sweet baby

Benson and I just hanging out, taking pictures together



I'm 27 today

If you know me, you know I looovve sweets. My dentist joked with my husband yesterday for me to lay off a little, but the sweets call out to me. As one of my birthday gifts, Ben gave me Valomilks. Check them out here. They are filled with the most wonderful marshmallow flowing center that gets you all sticky, and loving every bit. Oh, did I say he bought a 24 pack, which holds two to a pack, which means 48 valomilks. :) This year Ben bought an alternative cake for my birthday. Thumb print cookies! I started loving on these yesterday. They are so delicious.
I don't mind sharing, so if I still have some left, and you want a valomilk or thumb print cookie come on over.
Later this morning I'm going in for a massage that Ben also got and after that a pedicure I got for mother's day.

I'm not working much today, so please leave a message or email me and I'll get back to you on Friday.



Benson is 3 months today!

Happy 3 month birthday Benson!! We had a wonderful mother's day weekend in Lubbock. I hope all moms had a great day yesterday.




I had a combined session with Cristen and Amanda (below this post) a couple of weeks ago and it was so fun for me to do them together. We went to some new locations downtown, by the tracks (with permission- Last time I was there I got in trouble) And then we went to an old rusty truck (or a spaceship) that was turned over. I tried out my new umbrellas I bought at Hobby Lobby too.
Here are some favorites.

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Amanda 3.Senior

Amanda is one of my senior ambassadors I had this year. We took her final session a couple of weeks ago at 8:30 am. We were all a bit tired, but no worries because we had fun. Thanks Amanda for all your hard work helping me and being a wonderful worker.

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Website News

I hope you have had a chance to look at the new website. You might be having problems viewing the website at night, but it works great during the morning and day time. It is still being worked on and will soon be up and running in great condition.
If you have sent me an email the last few days I didn't get them. My new email was not set up yet, but now it is. If you emailed me in the last 72 hours please send me the email again.
Have a wonderful night...

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My birthday last year

Last year for my birthday I got a fun point and shoot camera . Little did I know I would be taking many many pictures of our baby boy with this camera. AND little did I know that when I got my camera I was about a week pregnant.
Take a look at my bday camera from last year here

How do you like these guns? (Imagine Benson saying this in a flexing voice, squeezing out the words)



The New Website is Up!

Go to my website now and check it out.
Click on the link above or on any of the images below. Also, make sure you turn on your volume to listen to the cool, fresh songs for your viewing pleasures.

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