Playing with the Lights

my favorite

Another lovely girl. We went to Marshall Jr. High for her second session. I can't wait to go back there for more sessions. It is such a great place! Thanks sweet girl for a wonderful session.



I am starting a monthly "Spotlights on You." I have the first one for the month of March, but I want you to nominate someone you know who is a high school student to be on my spotlight. This could be someone who has touched your life, or is simply an outstanding guy or gal. Please write in a 200 minimum essay of why you think this person deserves to have the spotlight on them. I'm doing the first one, so that means I too have to write a minimum of 200 words. These students are so deserving and I want to share their "excellentness" with others.
For those who are chosen for the spotlight, you will receive a free session with me. The session is for the spotlight person only.
(If the nominee is a senior that has already booked sessions with me, they will receive a free 8x10 instead.)
Please send all written essays to Include the students name, age and grade.
Who do you know that deserves to have the spotlight on them?


Violets are blue...

Are you looking at this gorgeous face! Oh we had so much fun I can't even begin to tell you. This lovely lady is moste definitely lovely. She has such a sweet personality about her. I loved this session for several reasons. One-she is so beautifu, two-my friends came to assist me, and three-the weather was the best ever. I can't wait for you to see all the pictures my sweet friends.



Furrow Fun

Thanks family for being so fun last Monday. I love the tutu on the head. And I loved the frog, not enough to hold it though!!




This guy was ready for his senior pictures. He just got his braces off last week and he was like a model. It reminded me of one of my first sessions I had with my friend Ryan. It was so easy and it took us 45 minutes. That is the shortest session I've had in a while, and it was so successful. Thanks "L" for being so cool and easy to work with.


Disciple Now

that is my grandma's hat and jacket (check archives to find me sporting the lovely jacket and hat)

rock band with one hill billy

white and nerdy

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The 80's

Slowly but surely I will be putting all the D Now pictures up. Oh my goodness has it been busy this week. Lord have mercy. But I just had to share this one. This is the 9Th grade girls group. Each grade level for disciple now had to make up a dance video. They did theirs to "Thriller" and it was so cute.



Senior Info

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Ice Man