Sweet Parker family

When I took these pictures, I imaged what I would want for my family pictures. I fell in love with these images and want so badly to have some of Ben, Benson and I just like these.
Shaun and Cheryl are completely in love with their six month old boy, Christian. And look at this sweet little man. Can you blame them? He is adorable! This little guy is starting to crawl, has two teeth coming in, and is taking steps. This boy is on fire!
When I look at these pictures, I feel so much love from them to their little boy, and it makes me want to go give Benson a hug and a bunch of kisses...

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Benson's Living Quarters

Here is a look at Benson's room. I have more to show, but I was having problems reading my RAW files on my laptop for some reason and decided not to bother with it tonight.

His crib is my crib when I was a baby. Ben and I painted it dark brown and white to update it from the 70's yellow it once was. Also, the bedding was made by a family friend that I'm so proud and excited about. It's been 4 1/2 months and I'm just now getting this up to share with you.
I'll share the rest on another day...maybe tomorrow.

I had a great session today with Amanda Schaap. Oh boy, if I could only tell you the details of our session today. That Amanda will make you cry, because your laughing so hard... Good times.

Good night all.


Where's Benson?




Lots of beautiful brides this summer. Kelsey is getting married in July to a young man I grew up with in Tahoka, Tx. Our grandma's lived across the street from each other. And Kelsey and I also went to the same youth group. Small world...

Give a shout out to Kelsey and let her know how gorgeous she is. I can't wait to share her dress too. It is beautiful! I'd pick it for my next wedding, when I renew my vows to Benny :)



Tara's Bridal Session

Yay, I can share Tara's bridal session with you now that the wedding is done. I loved going in the wheat and taking pictures. Thanks Tara for being a wonderful bride and laying down in the muddy wheat. Leave Tara some love...comment below.


Beautiful beauties

These lovely ladies were a sweet bunch of girls. As you see, they all have beautiful hair and wind was a concern for us. We had rescheduled one time before because of the weather and we were hoping this day would work in our favor. For about 30 minutes we were good, no wind or rain. Then the wind picked up like crazy, the girls hair was swirling all over their faces and by the end of the session it started to rain. It was fun and adventurous for me, because I had to think on my feet and find locations that would block the wind for us. And I found two new spots! Yay! This taught me that I may have a plan for what needs to happen, but God has a different plan, and a better plan.

If you are a Twin Cronnies fan, go grab a drink and tell Emily and Rachel you saw them on the blog. If you do this, I will give them free pictures. Ya think they will give me a free cherry, vanilla, creme, sprite? :)

Part of this session was for Emily's senior pics too

After it rained, look what God put in the sky! A sweet promising rainbow.

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Pretty Ladies

These lovely ladies are sisters. Hanging out with them made me wish I had sisters too. And then I remember I do-Danica and Maren. Well, technically they are not my sisters, but they have become my sisters over the past 10 years.
I'll share more of these diva ladies tomorrow. It's sleep time for me...goodnight.

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Last Monday I went to Lubbock for a bridal session with Dayme. We went to Texas Tech together and were in the same dance aerobics class, which by the way there was no dancing. There was bear crawling, step aerobics and a little yoga. I looked reeediculous on the steps and I learned about the downward facing dog from yoga ( I don't know why it's called that).
Dayme's momma and grandmomma came along too. I will make sure and let you see the rest after her wedding, which is July 26th. So for now, look at this beautiful girl and leave her a comment and tell her what a beautiful bride she is.
Also, I have had a few people lately tell me they couldn't figure out how to leave a comment and were a little frustrated trying to figure it all out. So, I want to help you with that. All you have to do is:
click on the word "comments" (look for posted by cristy cross) at the bottom of that post.
Then, you can fill in the comment in the box provided, then make sure before you finish it, you have selected either "name/url" or anonymous. You can type your name when asked for your name, and if you don't have a url don't worry about it. (url is a website or blog)
And then your all done. So go ahead a practice on Dayme's bridal image.
Thanks all for coming by and seeing the new pictures. More coming soon!



Bonestroo Wedding.Ceremony

The Rucker and Bonestroo families were incredibly sweet to me and my family while we were in San Diego. Let me just say they set the bar pretty high. I've never been better taken care of and I felt so blessed after the night was over, knowing that I had made some friends from this wedding. Thank you Sherry, Billy, Tara, Gage, and Bree for being so wonderful and thoughtful. Here are some ceremony favorites...


What's on my mind today...

My mind is jumbling around and I needed to clear my head. So I thought I'd just write it all out on my blog.

+I still need to wash my face (10:23 am) from my makeup I had on last night
+Why don't I make time to sit down and have a yummy breakfast. Instead I drink Yoplait Smoothie drinks for breakfast
+I need to finish posting Gage and Tara's wedding
+Do the dishes because the kitchen is starting to smell
+Don't forget about the laundry
+Am I slimming down from being pregnant
+I wish I could fit into my prepregnancy jeans
+My office is a mess, need to do some cleaning
+I got this cute card in the mail from Laura Novak Photography and I want to do something like that for my clients
+Why does the air blow so strongly in our house right on me while I'm at the computer
+Hold on, Chevy is barking and I think she wants in.
+Is Benson on the right track? He hasn't rolled over yet
+I need to call some clients that have orders ready
+My hair is almost to my waist line and I think I need to cut it
+I haven't had my hair cut since November
+I hope some of the kids in the youth group at church got something out of mine and Ben's talk last night about dating
+Why don't I get a bunch of comments on the blog
+I get a little bummed when I don't have a bunch of comments, especially when I've worked hard on the pictures
+Maybe my pictures aren't worthy of comments
+Maybe people are shy to comment
+I know my grandma is reading this and she should leave a comment :)
+I wish I was super fit and had nice muscles
+I want to start running again
+When was the first time Ben and I said I love you
+We need a fence for the front yard, but need to pay our taxes (we are paying in October)
+Benson is being so fun today. He makes me smile and warms my heart
+This maybe too much info for some people, o well
+Am I good enough
+I need to seek the approval of God, no one else
+Why do people do the things they do, especially when it hurts others
+I couldn't function well if it weren't for Ben
+I need to do more chores around the house
+I'm sure Ben is reading this and saying, "well stop writing all this down and go for it" :)
+Ben looked really handsome this morning when he left for work
+And yes, I finally spelled handsome right. I normally spell it hansome, no D
+I wonder how my session is going to go today
+I hope it isn't windy or raining
+I need to keep reading Romans, but my attention span is blah
+My back is hurting more
+Why do I care so much about what others think
+I've always cared about what others think ever since I was a little girl
+I am the luckiest girl ever because of Ben and Benson
+How can I get my clients to by a 40x60 print on canvas, I know it cost a booty load but they are so awesome
+My living room needs a makeover. As well as our bathroom, and our front and backyard
+When do we even have the time
+How is Benson going to do when we travel to Iowa (I think it is a 16 hr drive) Thank goodness we are stopping in Auburn, KS on the way
+Has anyone read all of this
+I hope so, and I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts

Share your thoughts with me. What is something that is on your mind today?



Bonestroo Wedding.PreCeremony

The wedding was at the Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego. And what a beautiful place it was. I got there for the rehearsal so took a few shots for fun. Then, my family and I went to a restaurant called World Famous and had the most wonderful seafood eevvveeer! I'm still dreaming of the food.
I have many to share with you, so take your time, kick your feet up and take a looksy and some favorites...

Her feet were a bit dirty on the bottom, so one of her sweet bridesmaids (Erin) cleaned her feet off :)

Look closely...he's talking on a pink phone :)

He made many faces through out the day

Hey look over there
This pose was Ben's idea...good job of my favorites too
Okay, well this is the first round of pictures from Tara and Gage's wedding from June 6, 2008. If you are reading this, then you looked at all the pictures, and I know your brain has some thoughts bubbling inside. So share them with me...leave a comment below and share already (saying that with a smile)