Loving Life

I like to make sure I can do back bends at least once a's not like it used to be though I'll say that. My back was a little sore.
These pics were taken by Shan Ingram...thanks sweet Shan!


Blu Shindig Photo Booth

I so want one of these photo booths! We went to the Bludomain Shindig Monday night and watched the top dog photogs bowl against each other. We also got airbrush tattoos and played a little pool. Oh did I tell you it was at Hugh Hefner's pent house! Yeah it was and it was nice.


Meet some of my Vegas friends...

Las Vegas on the Strip

Amy DeYoung and I with the fabulous Bebbs who are wonderful photographers in Vancouver

Meet John Michael Cooper. He is an awesome photographer that doesn't like to boast.

My sweet new friend Amy

Stephanie Ehlers and Kristin Bednarz (two of my roommates)

Fred Egan (Fregan) standing in the cool sunset at our desert shoot

Amy and Fred lovin' on my hoodie

The girls: Amy, Lauren, Davina, and Shann

My twin

Fred and Alan

You may think this is me, but it's not! It's Amy.

Well this is just the first of the Vegas posts I will have. I had an awesome time. I met some great photographers and encouraging people. I have made some long time friends and also got my website critiqued. It got a good grade back, but there are definitely going to be some changes. I got to sit in on some of the most wonderful photographers and went to a show while I was here. That was really the only "Las Vegas" thing I did. I didn't even do slot machines or Black Jack which I just realized was the same thing as 21. Goes to show you I would not be a very good gambler. I'll post more later and tell you more stuff and show more fun pictures.

Check out my friends-click on their names to visit their websites:
Amy DeYoung
Allan Zepeda
Fred Egan
Lauren Clark
Davina Fear
Shan Ingram
Kristin Bednarz



The Coolest Tees Ever!

Me-being super excited about my new Cristy Cross Photography hoody

My parents sporting the cool tees
back of tee
Intensely looking at myself in my new tee

Poserwear out of Lubbock, TX did my tees. He did an awesome job and I'm so stinkin' excited to wear them in Vegas. If you ever need cool shirts printed up, you should give Coby a call at 806.535.3771

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I'm packin up...for Vegas!

I'm trying to get packed and ready to go on my "business trip" to Vegas. I say "business trip" b/c I know I'm going to be learning a lot of awesome stuff and meeting way to many people (networking), but it's in Vegas! I've never been so I'm a little intimidated. I am going to a show, I've already forgotten the name of it, but I was told it is awesome, so I'm pumped. Classes will be going on all day and a few in the evening too. I hope my brain doesn't explode and that I'm able to take in everything I can that will be beneficial for my business. Oh my goodness I get a little too excited just thinking about it. Or maybe it's this energy drink called Enviga by Nestea that I'm drinking. I am supposed to be packing, but all I've done is check out other photographers blogs that are going to Vegas so I can get to know them better and work up the courage to go and introduce myself. Oh boy, this will be fun. I am going to try and post a few blogs while I'm gone of the Vegas business trip. Now I just want to say, I'm not a gambler or a drinker, so I'm not sure what else there is to do there, but I'm sure I'm going to have a blast. Stay tuned this week and see what I'll be doing.

If you need to get a hold of me, please email me. ( It is the best way, b/c then I'll have it in writing and won't forget. For the people that have had sessions last week, I will have your galleries up a few days later than normal, due to my business trip. Please be patient and don't hesitate to call with questions.

SHOOTSAC by Jessica Claire

So I'd heard about these, but never saw what they looked like. I was talking with one of my photo friends, Kristin, and she was saying that she is going to get one of these when she goes to Vegas. She sent me the link and I had to check them out. I love this one b/c I love b/w damask print stuff. Depending on how much it is I think I'm going to get one so I'll be in style when I shoot my weddings in June.

Check out this site and see the other cute bags she has designed:


Kelly Moore

So I was flipping through my Rangerfinder I got in the mail today and what did I see? An album company put one of Kelly Moore's bridal pics in their ad. (hers is the really cool one at top) How cool is that!! Way to go Kelly for making the nation wide magazine!


Wowzers...look at those eyes

This girl is so photogenic! We did a few at my house, a local theater, and a public park. And again, another beautiful day, another beautiful girl.


Cool T-Shirts...

"So how you doin"?..."I'm chillin like a villian".
Rockies theme song (eye of the tiger for those who need help with their spanish)
Check out the grill
Do you remember these books?
I used to have these tracing things that made designs like these
I wish I could make a t-shirt like this with Ben's face on it
Thats right!



Look at that smile...

This blue eyed boy turned one yrs old yesterday, and what a sweet little boy he was. Thanks for the play date! He loved it when his mom would say "achew". It really got his attention and he thought it was so funny! Sweet sweet boy!

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