{L} Family

A few favorites to share...The one showing me his fist was a non-stop show, and had me going all afternoon.
Now this is a true family portrait. One of my favorites ever!

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{M} Family

I came to this family session with notes and I was totally prepared to tell them what to do as far as posing or directing them. Little did I know, this family needed no directing at all. They were fabulous just as they were and I didn't have to tell them to do a thing. The love for each other came naturally and the kids were so so adorable and playful with each other and loved to "hop on pop" for a good laugh. I mean, WOW! This family is the ideal family for a photographer.
Thank you so much and I loved hanging out and meeting you.
Your web gallery is up too! Go check em out!

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Thank You

I just want to say thank you so much to my senior and non-senior ambassadors for your wonderful help today.
Jadee came over and delivered on foot a 12x12 image (one of five) for When You Have Everything for their new location in the mall. And then came back to my house to enter in client data for me.

Then the Schaap's were over to order pictures and their oldest daughter, took over Jadee's job after she left and entered in more client data. For her hard work ( and maybe a little bit of begging) I gave her a Cristy Cross Photography t-shirt.

Then Amanda came over and she packaged my Clovis Christian Grad orders, which they are ready so come and get them. And then called a few clients to let them know their orders were ready, and then hand delivered orders to my clients. We like to make sure and cater to your every needs here at Cristy Cross Photography. (almost every need)
Then she organized my magazines, and I have a TON of them.

While Amanda did her job, Kayla finished up client data entries after Schaap sister left.

If you girls only knew how long it has taken me to try and finish or even start these jobs! And now I'm done thanks to all of you.

I'm really enjoying this senior ambassador help.

Thank you lovely girls!



More Dallas Weekend

Some of the girls colorful shoes

A phot guy that took polaroids and would sell them for $15 a piece

Elton John

Top: Marsi, Ashley, Tiff, Becca, Ashley, Heather
Bottom: Jamie, Betsy, Me

Meet Ashley-She owns Ribbons and Bows in Lubbock

Starting off our weekend we went to Jake's Old Fashioned Hamburgers. They were the best hamburgers I've had in a long time. I had a hickory burger with swiss cheese and it came on a poppyseed bun that was nice and fluffy. Oh and I had sweet potato fries too! Is your mouth watering?

Remind me to tell you about our stay in Hotel Zaza sometime. One of the most gorgeous hotels I've ever stayed at with damask printed curtains that were two stories tall in the foyer. Everything about that hotel was very elegant and sophisticated.

I haven't laughed like I did this past weekend in a long time and it was much needed. A girls got to have a break with her girlfriends every now and then and I'm so glad Tiffany invited me to join them on her bachelorette weekend.

This weekend was so much fun and relaxing. I didn't have to do my hair or makeup very much because Marsi is a hair stylist and she did my hair ocassionally, and Ashley (blonde) did my makeup. Ashley (brunette) and Tiffany are also equipped in the hair and makeup department. Tiffany works at Ribbons and Bows and does makeup and facials.

A few places you must visit when in the Dallas area:

Hotel Zaza

Jake's Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Cheesecake Factory-A Must!

Platiya-clothing store in West Village (really cute trendy clothes for a low price)

West Village (shopping square)

Bread Winners-restaurant


Dallas Weekend with Tiff and Friends



Wow is all I have to say about the hotel we stayed at in Dallas. It was so awesome! I promise to post pictures of our lovely and very exciting, full of laughter weekend.

I will be out of town June 2 assisting a wedding in Lubbock with the wonderful Lauren Clark-yea!

June 4-June 13: I will be on our youth group mission trip to Mexico
I will not have access to my phone or email
When I do get back I will return all messages and emails.

If your coffee table book is ready for you to proof get back to me by this Friday so I can order it before I leave town.

When I get back in town, I will be heading to Lubbock June 15 to assist another wedding with the very energetic Kristin Bednarz-yea!



Clovis Christian Graduation

The web gallery is up for you to view your graduation pictures.


A few things to tell you...

I will be out of town today, May24-May28:
I am leaving for Lubbock today and will be flying out to Dallas tomorrow morning for Tiffany's(polka-dot dress) bachelorette party. I've asked her to bring her wedding dress so we can do her bridal session while we are there and I'm so excited! Becca (blonde behind Tiff) has planned the whole weekend for us-she is very well organized and I love it. We are staying at hotel zaza, and doing dinner out on the town and riding around in a limo. Then we will also have a chance to have some relaxation in the zaza spa, and a little shopping here and there.
I will have no access to the Internet and will be using my phone sparingly. Please leave me a message if you call, and emails are always great. When I get back I will be returning calls and emails on Tuesday.
Everyone have a lovely weekend!
P.S * I just got my new camera in today! And I'm bringing it with me to Dallas. I'll share with you when I get back. It is so awesome!

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Fine Art

Guess what? I have a peonies bush growing in my backyard. And along with poppies and tulips, peonies are my faaavvvoriite flower. I was so excited when I saw them blooming I cut the blooms off and put them in vases around my house. The funny thing is, when we moved into this house in the summer this bush had no blooms and I had no idea what kind of plant it was. My dogs kept running over the leaves so my husband decided to simply chop it out of the ground, which I was totally fine with because I didn't know what it was. This spring little green leaves were sprouting up from the ground and before I knew it ,I had a peonies bush. Yeah!
I am selling this image for your home as a fine art piece if you are interested. Give me a call and we can put in on a gallery wrap! 505.219.9312



Bryan is a model!

Well, actually he's not a model. BUT, I think he totally could be in this picture. His hair is just right, I love the lighting on his face (kind of mysterious), and a great profile.
Bryan if you are reading this we need to sign you up for some modeling classes. I'm sure your friends wouldn't make fun of you at all! lol
He is one of my last 2007 seniors, and we are moving right on into the 2008 seniors.
If you are a 2008 senior, let's get going on some picture taken.
I have several options for you. Give me a call and we can set up a session or sessions for you



Laughter and Love

This couple laughed and loved through out the entire session. Very very cute couple. He is a farmer with a country boy accent and she is a working woman that is driven and talented. They make each other complete and enjoy the simple things in life.
This is my most favorite image of the two of them. We were able to capture a sweet and loving image with the a hint of "smile" on the side.
Good luck to the both of you, and thanks for choosing me be your photographer for the afternoon.



Peter, Bjorn & John and Victoria

I wanted to share a new favorite song of mine with you and the video is pretty entertaining too.
The group is called Peter, Bjorn and John and featuring Victoria
Song: Young Folk
And I promise you will start whistling this song after you watch it.
Enjoy and be blessed today!



My big birthday present...

Power Shot SD750 Digital Elph (click on the name to learn more)
This is my new camera I ordered today!! I am so excited! I wanted to find one with a 3" LCD screen and something with a cool sleek look and a good amount of megapixels. This one has 7.1 to be exact. And most importantly, something that is small enough to take in my purse or put in my pocket.
I really wanted the one the boutwells had because it had video games on it, but I also really wanted a canon, and more megapixels than it had offered.


A Day at the Park

This family session was taken on a hot spring day with a bunch of other kids at the park. I think they were having a field trip. I was a wondering if I had made the right decision on picking this park for our session when I saw several buses and numerous cars at this park. Good thing we found a location at the park that was undisturbed by the many many kids, because I wasn't sure where to go next. An alley maybe? The allies are always available for sessions.
Here are a few favorites from this cute families session. I have to say this little girl could definitely be a model. She has got the rosiest cheeks, most beautiful eyes and gorgeous skin. Parents you should think about!
I am also trying a new way to post my names on my pics. I found an ad in one of my magazines that had their name printed in all caps along the bottom of the image. I'm always looking for new and different ways to do things.
Always open to suggestions.

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The cutest 12 year old

this one was Jadee's idea

If you don't know this girl already, get to know her! She was so funny and fun to take pictures of. At the beginning of the session she couldn't stop laughing. Then towards the end she had a spiffy flapper looking dress that she kept dancing in. What a vibrant personality she has!!

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Working on Coffee Table Books

I am working on my coffee table books today and meeting with senior ambassadors.
I wanted to take a break to share with you one of the images taken for a senior in her beautiful prom dress.
Lupe I'm working on your CTB this week and will be calling you soon!

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Mark Me Down

I have been told several times that I have secret blog stalkers! And I love it. Blog stalking is healthy, so keep doing it, but shine and let yourself be known. I'd love to get to know who you are on the other side of the computer.
Bookmark me in your favorites if you haven't already and keep coming back.
Have a wonderful wonderful day!


Thanks to Ben

Ben bought me a bouquet of one of my favorite flowers yesterday for my bday (tulips). And the card he gave me had a painting of poppies on it (my other favorite flower).
Thanks Ben for making me feel special yesterday and for the fun evening and super fun weekend.
I love you!
We went shopping and I finally bought me bke jeans and some cute new tops.
I am still searching for a new pocket camera.
I am looking at a fujifilm camera that the boutwells use
or a canon pocket camera-a few to choose from.
The cool thing about the fujifilm is that it has video games on it and it has a 3" LCD screen, but it only has 5.1 mp.
I'll be prayin' about it and let you know what I end up choosing.
Thanks Ben ahead of time for my new bday camera. muah!


Chris Session #2

taken at an old pizza hut building

Chris and I had a theme on this session. We were to include in most images a sign of some sort. And we found some really cool ones such as this gun shop. We also found a musiquera store with Betty Boop painted on the window. Another thing I noticed that we did without realizing it at the time was in several images we got the reflection of the clouds in the windows. And it was perfect for the blue and brown shirt he wore b/c the shirt resembled clouds.
I love having a theme when I shoot my sessions. I think this is something I'm going to have to do more often!
This session post is long over due, but here it finally is. I have sooo many more I need to post, and I promise that one day it will happen. There is so much to be done for all these seniors who are graduating this weekend :( and it is keeping me busy.

More than likely you will see your web gallery before you see your session posted on the blog.



I turned 26

Today I turned 26. Well technically at 3:24 pm I will turn 26. As my friend Becca, who share the same bday says we are on our way to 30. And I don't know what I think about that, but I'm excited to see what the next fours years will be like. It has been a great 26 years that's for sure.
This weekend we started celebrating my birthday by going to Ute Lake, an hour and 30 minutes away from Clovis. I have some funny pictures to share with you when I get those up. I was trying to write my name and Ben's name with my headlamp on my head in the dark. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. Sunday, we bought plants and worked on our yard and yesterday we went to the circus.
Today, I'm chillin like a villan and I'm going to get a pedicure. I'm also searching for a new camera. A pocket camera that I can carry around on small occasions rather than my big 'ol camera. That is my birthday present from sweet Benny!
Okay now I want everyone to go and have a peice of cake to celebrate with me.



Prayer Request

Please stop for a moment and say a little prayer.
One of my best friends and her family are going through a really tough time right now and they need some prayer warriors. Please pray for my friend and her family this week and weekend.
They need love and support and understanding for what the future has in store for them.
Thank you so much.



Meet Ryan. For those that know Ryan he is full of fun and always making you laugh. I did get some images of him smiling and definitely laughing, but I was really intrigued by his serious side. To me, he kind of looks like Charlie Sheen. (especially in the second one and his profile)
For prom, Ryan wore a baby blue tux with a top hat and cane. Just like from the movie "Dumb and Dumber." (Just a little insight on this cool Ryan Schaap)
Thanks Ryan for being such a wonderful model and thanks Kayla for coming along with us. We ventured to a rooftop, alley ways, and more alley ways. It was a beautiful day and I think we got a little bit of sun, which if you know me I really need the sun to love on me a bit.
Have a wonderful day!




I have been slacking on posting sessions. I have many coffee table books, and senior announcement cards I'm working on and trying to get out. Also, including DVD slideshows and regular client orders. It is hard for me to post and do all the other stuff. I promise I will post from my sessions, it may take a while though.
For now, here is a "Fine Art" image to share with you.
I love taking pictures of old signs and now, old cars. I have tons of old sign images that I'd like to post and start up a "Fine Art" section on the blog.
This was taken on one of my senior sessions. It is for sale on the Clovis Hwy if anyone is interested.

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Seniors 2008

Thanks to all who submitted for the senior ambassadors. I am looking over and selecting the ones who best suit the job and are truly interested in photography. I will notify you and then set up a meeting to get to know you better and talk about what you will be doing as a senior ambassador.

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