Sleepy Benson

While Benson was taking one of his naps today, I was able to catch him smiling in his sleep.
Such a sweet baby and such a sweet blessing in our lives! We are taking our first trip with Benson to Lubbock tomorrow to visit with some of my family. He is so excited!




Just as a reminder that I haven't forgotten about any of you. For the time, I am ignoring all work related things-kind of. I am spending wonderful and precious time with my family and my newborn son. Please forgive me if I don't respond to your emails quickly or answer phone calls that are work related. Please be patient as for the first part of my maternity leave will be focused on Benson and Ben.

I will be working on orders here and there, but not right now. I am enjoying every moment of this time with our new baby and I don't want to think about anything else other than him and Ben.

Thanks everyone!


Benson B

Our first full day of Benson being at home was great. He is such a good boy and we are so blessed. He is eating great and loves to sleep. He keeps us entertained with the many many facial expressions and we get so excited when he poops and pees. Bailey and Chevy are so curious about their new little brother and are very gentle. Right now Benson is laying beside me sleeping, wiggling and maybe even pooping at this very moment. What is that smell Benson and oh, wait, he's smiling too. Yup, he probably made a deposit.

These are first of many pictures taken of Benson. I love this one! His legs are too cute and tiny. I love when he stretches out. And these socks that Igot from Holly Hocks in Lubbock are the best socks ever. My two sweet boys and the best husband ever
And I changed this one to BW on my laptop that has a dull screen, so I don't really know what the color looks like or if it is too dark, but its a sweet one of Benson I wanted to share.
So today at 5:58 pm Benson will be 4 days old. Thank you God for this sweet baby!



Baby Benson is HERE!

This is our sweet Benson and our first family picture together.
7.10 1bs
20 3/4 inches
born at 5:58 pm on Feb 12th
He looks like me when I was a baby, but 3 day old Benson looks like Ben
Before our Benson arrived
Look at how so sweet and so adorable our baby boy is! I know, he is too cute for words
We just love him so much we can't even tell you how wonderful he is!

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Benson Update

Benson's 40 week pictures; the day before he's born pictures

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Website preview...

I'm still working on the website. Here is a preview of what I've been doing besides working on orders and MORE coffee table books. Those dudes are so popular I can't seem to ever not be doing one.
I have lots of new pictures to share on my new website and I can't wait to show you.

Baby update: Still waiting on Benson and God's timing for him to arrive in our arms.