I went to my first Daniel bible study by Beth Moore. There are 50 ladies of all different ages in our study on Wed mornings. We watched the video today and here are a few key things I learned that I wanted to share.
My Challenge: Don't be corrupted by the world.
"I am here to influence, not to be influenced."
If you are not in a bible study, get one together and do this study. I am very excited for what it has in store. And if you are in the Clovis area and want to come to the bible study, you are more than welcome. Every Wed @ 9am in the Master's Building on 21st St.


Have you gotten your Senior Pictures Yet?

If you haven't gotten senior pictures yet give me a call. We will go around town to cool and creative locations. I promise these won't compare to your friends senior pictures.

Taryn and her boys

This family was a delight to work with. I enjoyed every minute. Even the part when I got to know Myles a little more than expected. Let's just say he was acting like a true boy. And then I saw the softer side of Myles too. He was so incredibly sweet to his little brother. Thanks Taryn, Myles and Maddox.

Headshots for an Actress

Bre needed some new headshots for her agent. These are a few that we chose specifically for a role she will be trying out for. Keep your eyes out for her on the big screen.


Jamie & Ansley

We went to Cydney's Antique store in Clovis and an old Wash-O-Mat to take their pictures. Ansley is a sweet 5 month old baby doll. Everything about that little baby is cute cute cute. It was so fun to take their pictures. And Jamie was a great sport because she put on my old swing dance dress for the Wash-O-Mat pictures. Jamie came over today to view her images on our theater screen while Sarah Mclachlan played in the background. It is so cool to see them magnified on the wall. I hope more of my clients will take this opportunity to see their images on our theater screen. Thank you Jamie and Ansley!


Neice, Nephew & Cousins

Nicole (neice), Josh, Dustin, Nathan (nephew) and Dani
Dani jumping
Dani and Nathan in their gear
Nathan jumping

These are our niece and nephew and their cousins. Our nephew and his cousin love to do jumps on their bike. Here are a few of them in action.


Valerie and Jerrod

Last Saturday I went to Lubbock to take engagement pictures of Valerie and Jerrod. Valerie is my best friend's little sister, so this meant a great deal for me to take their pictures. My friend Sarah from college came with me and she helped me with the reflector here and there and also took some pics for herself. She and another friend are getting their photography business going as well. It was an all around great time to see some friends that weekend and spend the day with them. I met Jerrod for the first time the day of the pictures and he is a great guy. When the couple is lovin' on each other it makes it easy to just take the pictures and let them do what they want. It was great. Thank you Valerie and Jerrod.

Website is back up

Have no fear the website is in gear!

Website News

I just recently transferred my domain name to my hosting company, so for a few days at the most it will be out of order. Please check back in a few days. The blog is still going though. Thanks and I will let you know when it is back up.


20x24 Images

These are the seven 20x24 images that are now hanging in the Women's Medical Center in the OB patient rooms. Thanks to Bruce and Linda Cross and Kathy for giving me permission to display the images. In 3 weeks two 30x40s will be added to the office.



This post is a week overdue. Sorry, but I finally have time to post it now. This is Gwendolyn Rose, but her family calls her Winnie. She just turned two years old the day before we took these pictures. This was my first gig in Clovis, too. I was so excited! And I really enjoy working with this family. This is the second time I have had the opportunity of taking pictures for them. Each time I've seen them, they have been so extremely nice and welcoming to me that I feel apart of their sweet family. Thanks for the fun last Saturday and for including me in the salsa tasting contest. I want to get that mango salsa recipe!


4 YEAR Anniversary

I promise Kathy I copied the picture only for this post

We celebrated our 4 yr anniv yesterday. It started off with Ben making pigs in a blanket for breakfast. And at lunch Ben brought me flowers while we celebrated his grandma's 90th bday party. For dinner we went to a mexican food restaurant called Guadalajara. It was soo good. And even though it was raining last night, we went to the Curry County Fair. The first thing we did was buy a freshly made funnel cake. And it was soo good too. We rode the Himalaya and Ben was singing "Eye of the Tiger" the whole time and I was laughing so hard I was crying. Then we rode Star Ship 3000. Talk about a "stick-to-the-wall" ride. Literally. We felt a little queezy afterwards. We have had a great 4 years together and are looking forward to the 5th. Life just couldn't be better without Ben in it.