A great 2008

Thank you clients for a great 2008 year. I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store. Happy New Year to you and your families and be safe. I will be out of the office until January 5th, so if you send me an email I will get back to you next week.

Also, a word to the Seniors:
Your senior year is coming to an end and it won't be complete without edgy and glamorous images from Cristy Cross Photography. Be cool and stay and school...oh and have your senior pictures taken with ME :)
Session Fee: $225 and includes $100 print credit towards your order. Take a look at my website at for all the details. Spots are limited so if you're interested send me an email soon.

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Baby Santa

My cousin Debbie took this for us and I'm so glad she did. This is an image we will treasure forever with our baby Santa.



Christmas time...

I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas with your families. I wanted to share one of my gifts I got this Christmas. The new Annie Leibovitz book, "At Work." It is awesome. I am loving every bit. It is so inspiring to me as a photographer and as a person. You should totally get it if you don't have one already. You can find it at for a really good price too.



Relaxing for the holidays

Merry Christmas everyone! I am taking a couple days off to have time with the fam and then I'll be finishing up orders and web galleries that are due this weekend. After that, I'm taking some "Me/Family" time for a week. If you have any questions regarding your order or would like to book a session, please email me at and I'll get back with you at the most convenient time.
For now, I'll leave you with this adorable baby, Maggie.



Snowflakes and Christmas Cookies

Look at the snowflake, still in snowflake form on my car last week. I've never seen an actual snowflake before so I was very excited when Ben told me about it. Christmas cookies given by Ben's aunt...

Craftiness is Therapy

Before I started my business 2 1/2 years ago, I always did crafty projects. Now all of my "crafty" and creative mind goes toward taking pictures for clients and business ideas and not towards personal fun, random things. However, this Christmas has made me super excited to do crafty projects. I think it is because I am so excited for Benson's first Christmas. I know he won't understand it just yet, but it will be special for Ben and I.

My craft projects I've worked on lately are different ways to wrap Christmas presents. The images below are Christmas presents I wrapped with orange tissue paper, old book pages, hemp, and a plastic bag. I made a fun pom pom using the plastic bag too. I've been on a pom pom kick this week and thought I'd try it with a plastic bag :) I think it turned out really cute. I tried it with the hemp string too, but it didn't work quite as well.

Another gift I wrapped using Anthropologies gift box (with a fun anthro gift inside-can't say what it is though b/c it is for someone who I know reads this blog), and then some fun yarn my friend Danica bought me two years ago, then made a pom pom out of the yarn.

Then this is the yummy Green Chile Stew from Taco Box in Clovis. It is SO good. I'm not much of a green chile fan, but this is an exception. I put it in our new fun bowl from anthropologie and it is sitting on my tuffet (like Miss Muffet).

I hope this Christmas season is putting you in a fun and creative mood too. Have a wonderful Sunday night.


I've been featured...

Design Aglow is one of my favorite blogs to look at three or four or ten times a week to get fun ideas for my business and today I was featured on their blog.
Go to take a look and leave me a comment on their blog (and mine too if ya want :))




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Awesome Bishop Family

The fun Bishop family came in from Lubbock for their family session back in October I think. Ya, I know I'm WAY behind on blogs, but I'm trying :)
I went to Tech with these lovely people and some of you Clovis peeps might recognize this girl as well, because she is from Melrose.
Favorites below...

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Bobby Flay's Red Velvet Cake

A couple weeks ago, my friend Lenie and I made a Red Velvet cake. We made Bobby Flay's recipe, but there are tons out there and on
I never realized just how hard icing a cake was. I normally don't pay attention to icing details, but I've been watching the food network channel a bunch lately and it is making me want to be a cook, and a baker and TRY for perfection. It is really really hard though. I need one of those cool icing knives and a cake stand that spins.
Back to the cake...I do wish it was a little bit more red though. A fun fact I learned from making this cake is some people make the cake red by using beet juice or cabbage. Crazy huh!
While taking pictures of the cake, I sort of dropped the first piece on the floor. The single cake image is my second attempt and thankfully survived and was eaten all up immediately after its photo shoot.



Haircut...Finally after one whole year!

I hadn't had a haircut for about a year now. I never made time to go and get it done and I just didn't have the time. I normally went to someone in Lubbock, but it is too hard for me to get up there just for a haircut. Thankfully, I found someone that is right here in Clovis and does an awesome job. She is also a client of mine. The great thing about this haircut, besides the fact that she cut it perfectly the way I wanted it and styled it in a way I could only dream of ME being able to do, she also came to my house and did it in the dining room while our babies were taking a nap. I can't tell you how helpful that was for me.

Well, here is my new haircut Julia Zarikta did for me...thanks Julia. (and yes, it is still long...I love long hair and I don't think I'll be cutting it too short for a very long time ) I tried to take a picture of the back of my hair, but it was a little hard holding the heavy camera over my should.
Oh, she also got these fun fresh curls with a blow dryer and circle brushes rolled in my hair. She is quite the talented lady :)


Fun Christmas Tags

Look at these awesome Christmas gift tags I found from You can download them for FREE too and use them for YOUR gift tags.
Click here or below on the pictures.



Wedding Chicks

If you are getting married and want daily inspiration or are in need of an awesome vendor you must must check out Wedding Chicks. Also, you can enter to win fun prizes.
While you are there, check out my ad located in New Mexico, Texas and San Diego, Ca on the right side Weddings Chicks website. My featured bride, Kelsey Hancock made my ad look beautiful with her glamorous face. Thanks girl.



Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas everybody! This year our Christmas card is of Benson only. His face is much cuter and more pleasing to the eye than me and Ben anyways :) I had these cards printed up on the Pearl finish with UV coating from my lab and they look so awesome I have to say. They are very sparkly and glamorous too.
I have an awesome friend, Aimee who is amazingly talented and works for FOSSIL designing handbags and lately I've been surrounding myself with everything FOSSIL. There are some fun pictures in their holiday catalog that gave me the idea for my Christmas cards this year. Go check out their cool stuff at and check out the handbags too! the happy holidays is a cute idea I took from one of fossils fun shirts


I am a multi-tasker...or so I try to be

(sometimes I feel like this is me)

Today I have been working, in my pajamas, on Christmas orders and Christmas cards, either placing an order or designing the cards. It has been busy busy at this tired computer. If you have an order with me, I am working on them all and will have most of them done this week. I have some orders that are HUGE and will take a while, so please be patient.
While I am trying to do my work, I am also having to make sure Benson doesn't get stuck under the coffee table or pull on electric cords, or the dogs tail. He is crawling every where and wants every thing. He cries when he can't have the dogs food and when I won't let him slam the doors shut. Poor little guy. It's tough being the baby. He really is a wonderful baby; he's just at the stage now where he wants to get in and do everything :) Gotta love that little guy.
All this to say, I feel a little crazy today, but it's a swell day :)


Christmas Discount

Hey everybody, I am extending the Christmas discount until Sunday, Dec 7th. You have two more days to take advantage of this awesome offer.

When placing your order on the web gallery, spend $150 or more and receive 15 % off your order. That's right, 15 % off. I promise this is a deal you don't want to miss.

*This offer applies only to orders placed on the web gallery.
Have a great weekend with your family :)

Zach and Tara. Engagement

Tara and Zach are the awesome couple that gave me the sweet gift basket back in October. They drove from Lubbock to have an engagement session with me. I so wish I was doing there wedding too, because they are incredibly genuine and so nice. Zach would just watch her and smile at everything she did. It was really cute. I loved Tara's personality, too. She is a fun, spunky, and glamorous girl. Thanks you two and have fun at the wedding :)




Ashlee is a beautiful senior that has waited patiently for me to put up her pictures on the blog. I have to say, as much as I'd like to be good at the blogging stuff, I struggle with keeping it updated. So if you are a client that has been waiting for there pictures to be up, don't give up. I will have them up.
Ashlee you are adorable and I enjoyed our time together. I hope you enjoy the favorites I picked and please feel free to use any/all of them on myspace or facebook :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday night.
I'm talking tonight at our youth group (girls only talk) with a few other ladies about Proverbs 31. I am praying God gives me the right words to say, if you could shout out a little prayer too I'd SO appreciate it.

I think of my friends little boy when I see the name "Max" etched in the steel cross beams.

Look at her arm muscles! she definitely must work out.

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