Katy Jo

Here is a sneak peek of the session I had with sweet Katy Jo on Saturday. I am about to feed Benson and hang out with him for a while, and then I'll post some more.

I am constantly looking at the image is found blog. I get so excited everyday, hoping they've posted new pics or updates on their kids. And today, they posted this beautiful picture of husband and wife with awesome colors and gorgeous post work. So, I wanted to try to play with some post work on one of my images from Katy's session. Here is my go at it. What do ya think?

After Before These are two RAW images layered together, and then made into one. Then, I used photoshop and lightened some stuff, darkened some other stuff and used Derelicte from the totally rad actions, some warm it up kris and a fun texture.

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Little Benson

Want to get a cutie pie over load? Look at my hansome baby...
Look at this cutie! I just love this little man.
BIG yawn

Little Bohemian hanging out with Papa Bear
Mom likes to play dress up with me.
Paci's are good, real good.


Taking the time for myself

While I was in Lubbock, my friend Sarah Holt and I went out for another session to photograph each other. We were in need of pictures for ourselves for our business and for website stuff, which I promise the new website will be up some day. I don't normally show pics of myself and I'm not trying to be vain, but I just wanted to share them with you and share Sarah's talent. I had a great time hanging out with her and having girl time. We went to a junk yard that I was once chased down by the junk yard dog. So we were quietly tiptoeing our way around to avoid any future dog chasing or attacks.


Terry Family

Meet the sweet Terry family. So lovable and sweet to each other. This is the kind of family chemistry I love to photograph. I promise I didn't tell them to do this. They were so sweet with each other all on their own.

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Brandi and Kyle

Last week I hung out in Lubbock with family so they could see Benson. While I was there, I met with some friends of mine. We went to Thai Thai's and then out for a shoot that night. It felt so good to get back into the swing of things. Honestly, I was nervous because I haven't done this in a while. Sure, I've taken many pictures of Benson. But this time I felt like I was really having to perform like I was working. Shan Ingram and Sarah Holt were great friends to go shooting with because they made me feel confident in what I was doing. Thanks for getting together with me.
Our models were Brandi and Kyle. They have a band called The Diamond Center and needed some cool band images. Here are some of my favorites! They were a fun couple to photograph and made my "getting back on the saddle" nice and easy and welcoming.

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Benson is a month old today!

"What up G-Funk! I'm a month old today. How 'bout it."

What a blessing this little boy is!! I can't get enough of his many many facial expressions. Last week he started to smile and if you watch closely, you'll catch him with a smirk every now and then. He always has a concerned look on his face with his eyebrows squished together, too. And you wouldn't believe it, but Benson lets out some extremely explosive poops. I mean to the point it makes me jump out of my skin the sound startles me so much. It's really really funny. Yay for Benson!

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While I was looking for pictures for my new website, I came across this random picture of a facial mask I put on my face, and this is it after I pulled it off. Pretty gross, huh!




This face is made often by Benson. We are not sure what he is thinking, but he looks like he's concentrating on something...I think this is his "I'm flexing for the camera" face. Ben's grandpa was in all the way from Iowa last week so we had to take a four generation picture with of great grandpa, grandpa, dad and grandson. This is an image we will cherish forever and ever.



Placing an Order

I have been getting in many orders since Benson has arrived in our lives and I am working on them this week. I just wanted to let you know I have received the orders and will be filling them this week and next. If you placed an order before Feb 12, it is ready to be picked up.
Please call ahead of time. 575.219.9312

Thanks have a wonderful snow day!