I love senior time! If you are a junior and want senior pics for next year, please call now. I've already got a couple of people lined up and I'm hoping I'll book up quick like I did this year.
This is Pete. He is a super cool dude...enjoy him and many more below.

Tell me all your thoughts on Pete's pics.

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Michael N. Senior

More seniors...

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Samantha is a cute senior from Clovis. We took her pictures in crazy wind conditions and it didn't stop us.
All I have to say for this picture is Foxy Foxy! beautimous...

What a beautiful girl.
Those who leave comments are blessed beyond measures...I'm not sure by who or what, but you will be blessed. You can gaurantee a smile will definitely be on my face and in my heart :)

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I was excited Chandler's mom asked me to take his senior pictures. Our parents are close friends and we've known each other ever since he was in elementary. They drove down from Lubbock for his senior pictures and I gave him a little tour of lovely Clovis. We visited the Yucca Jr. High bleachers, a cool bus, the post office loading dock, and the bus station. These are the high lights of Clovis...not really. Clovis has way more to offer than you realize when you are driving through on the main roads. Too bad all the "passer-by" drivers don't see the heart of lovely Clovis.

Can you guess where Chandler is sitting in these first two pictures?

Did you guess the underneath part on a traveling bus where they drain the toilet? Yup, that's right. Way to go Chandler. Not to mention he is six foot something and scrunched himself inside this tiny space.

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Kaci.Session 2

We took Kaci's second session pics several weeks ago in downtown Clovis. This first one is one of my favorite locations. You are sheltered from the lovely wind and the lighting is beautiful.
Check out Kaci's first session from October.

A project I've been giving myself lately is to shoot through something. I am loving how this one turned out. I'm calling it "fun framing".

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Oh so sweet

Yesterday Ben came home for lunch and bought me a ring. A yummy blue raspberry ring pop that is. And today, he came home with an early mother's day and birthday present for me. I've been wanting a massage before Benson was born and I never did it. So now, for my birthday, which isn't until May 15th, I am scheduled for a lovely one hour massage. and then a pedicure.
Thanks Ben, you are the best. I am super blessed.



Web Galleries are up

The web galleries are back up. If you were unable to open your web galleries yesterday, they are now up. I have no idea what happened, but thankfully you can view them now.

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Online Viewing problems

The online viewing web galleries are having problems right now. I have tried to view them for the past hour and no luck. My web gallery is working on the problem and it will hopefully be up later tonight. Keep checking back if you are having difficulty viewing your web galleries.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will be up soon!

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There are several beautiful high school senior posts below so scroll down to view all of them. Also, if you want to see even more high school seniors, click on the labels "senior and seniors" to view more. This is helpful if you want some ideas as to what to wear for your sessions.
I went to new locations for Lauren and Faith's session. I'm super excited to share these to you. Please leave a comment and let me know what ya think. Don't be shy... Lauren reminds me of Goldie Hawn when she was in her 20's in this image. I think it's the eye makeup

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Share your thoughts...

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Milo and Benson

Meet Milo and Ottis...I mean Benson. Milo is six days older than Benson and they met today for the first time. Milo and his mom, Mercy came over today and greeted Benson with a sweet sweet smile. Benson smiled back at him and they were so darn adorable.
In this picture Benson looks exactly like Ben. I can't believe how much he looks like him when he was a baby. Milo is smiling at his mommy while Benson is checking out the Rhino on his shirt
Look at that cute face!

Milo: "Hey baby how you doin? Benson: "Uuuhhh, hey how it be."
Look at them showin' some love. Milo is so sweet to lend a shoulder for Benson to hang out on.
Thanks Milo and Mercy for coming over. I'm so glad they got to meet each other. It was too cute to hear them talk and smile at each other.


The twins back in December

I took pictures for these twins in December. It was a freezing cold night and we did most of them in a cute antique shop. These girls are not only sisters, they are best friends. The are closer than any sibling relationship I've ever seen. It's so cool to see how much they love each other.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a looksy at my blog.
Feel free to share some comments! Don't be shy

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