Reid and Brandon Family

Scroll down and check out the images from this awesome family. And don't forget to check out the high school senior, Cydney. Sorry I'm short on words,but I think I'm getting that second kick of extreme tired-ness from being pregnant. I'm going to bed early and it's only 8 pm!!
Sweet dreams lovely people...

This is the lovely Aunt "Chacha"!

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Cute Invitations

Kala Adair made these cards for one of my showers and I absolutely love them!
If you are looking for some very cute and creative invitations, thank you cards, or announcements, you need to email Kala!
I love this card because it looks like me with the long ponytail :)
Thanks Kala!

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The lovely Hostesses

(Peggy-friend from church growing up, Betsy-friend from elementary, jr high and high school, Ashley-choir friend from high school, Me, Myrna-my mom, Adrienne-best friend-known since jr high from church, and Brenda-my moms longtime friend)

Thanks to Peggy, Betsy, Ashley, Adrienne and Brenda for all your wonderful hostessing on the day of the baby shower. And also thanks to Lexi, Debbie, Becca and Tiffany for all you did and we missed you!


You have to Watch this!!! And tell your friends too!



No more sessions for 2007

I am completely booked up for sessions. I am no longer taking any mores sessions for 2007. If you are interested in getting on the waiting list, please email me by filling out the contact form on my website at in case there are cancellations.
You may view my calendar for possible dates, but as of right now there are no open spots.
High school seniors have first dibs on sessions in 2008. If you are interested please call me. 575.219.9312
I am not sure how the scheduling will go just yet until after Feb when Benson is born. (yippee)
Thanks to all of you who have scheduled this year with me and for making my business grow. I am so blessed to have you as clients!
Wishing you a wonderful happy Thanksgiving this week



The McBroom's.Couple

I pulled up to our location for this couple and there they were with their cute puppy, Honey. Scroll down to see cute pictures of her. Ashley is a cool girl from Hawaii and Randy is a basketball coach and teacher at the Christian school in Clovis. They've been married since this summer, so these pictures for them are like engagement pics with their precious puppy.
I love Ashley's look in this picture...
This is me doing a "Jesh" tribute...
For you Clovis readers, I bet you wouldn't guess this was next to Tankersley's. I love the sweetness in this picture between Ashley and Randy.

Here they are showing their true selves. Randy is a big Mavericks fan, and Ashley just bought him these new shoes to go with his green Mavericks jersey. What a sweet wife! And Ashley barely wears shoes...
Thanks Ashley and Randy, you were awesome.
And what would be cooler than an awesome comment to tell me your thoughts from this session "bloggies". Have a wonderful evening and goodnight, Ben needs to use the computer. More session blogs to come this week...


Update on Benson

Here is a picture of Benson smiling!!!! And he has his foot up by his face too. He's a flexible little dude! Here he is thinking...working his brain muscles so he can be super smart like his dad.
Benson now weighs 2 lbs 7 oz and is approximately 14.5 inches long. He is so active right now too. He is most active at night and sometimes during the day. I can feel him, but I can also see my stomach move around too. It's really cool! Next time I'll update with pictures that will hopefully show us who he is going to look like. I still can't tell, but sometimes I think he looks like Ben.



Jessica M.Senior

There is this cool old church building heading towards Ft. Sumner that I've always wanted to take pictures with, and finally I did. I am so excited how this picture below turned out. It made it all worth it to drive almost an hour outside of Clovis just for Jessica's senior pictures.
Taken with the 24 mm 1.4 lens I added some "Punch" to this pic for the red wall, which is actually a very dull maroon wall. And then erased the high contrast from her face, leaving a little bit. 50mm
Her mom's great idea it sit in the window...50mm
Oh man I love the lighting on this pic. This lighting is 97% natural and only 3% photoshop. Love it!-With a little gold reflector too. 50mm

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Here is Jim showing his serious side. Then he gives his nice smile...
And again, the serious look...I have to say, some of you don't think you can give the serious face, but it looks really good when you do.
Chillin' with the train

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Wow it was windy on this day! Jessica is a cute cowgirl. We really wanted to acknowledge her cowgirl side, so we went to a super awesome, well lit barn and found a few hay stacks too. Here are some favorites...

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Another awesome senior. We started out next to Tankersley's and then headed to a pigeon infested barn, and a tractor that Jeff really really liked. Here are the favorites... This was taken with my 50mm 1.2, and my 580 flash.
50mm lens
And again 50 mm

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The belly is growing

Ben and I took the Lady Wildcat basketball program pictures again this year and it is going to be awesome. After we were done my sweet friend Jadee took a picture of us too. Here is an update picture on my growing belly and my happy husband!



Halloween Night

Last Wednesday, Ben and I went to a Robbie Seay Band concert. They are an awesome Christian band that played for our churches youth group on Halloween night and rocked it out. If you are looking for a new band or new songs, check out their website and buy their songs on iTunes at

Also, something I'm super excited about is...For "Disciple Now" this year with the youth group our speaker is going to be the awesome Jon Randles. He was the pastor at my church when I was growing up and he is super cool and super awesome. And not to mention, another very cool band, the Justin Cofield Band will be leading us in worship. So, if you live in the Clovis area and want to join in on the awesome weekend we'll have for D-Now Nov 16-18th then sign up now at Central Baptist Church 575.762.4727



The Lyle's

This cute couple moved to Clovis not too long ago from Hawaii. They are super Steeler's fans and love their dogs like they are their children. They are so cute and lovey to each other and their dogs are so stinkin' adorable. They just got a brand new puppy and he's got a sweet little pop belly that he's growing into. What a fun couple and a memorable session with these two. I love making new friends with my job!!
Sharing with you some favorites of mine...

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