Out of Town for the Weekend

I will be in Lubbock this weekend for my dear friend Tiffany's wedding. I will have my phone and a computer, but I will be super busy while I'm there. Please leave a message or an email and I'll return them Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!



Dennis + Holly Wedding

Holly and Dennis had a wonderful wedding. They had a candy bar at the reception with cute little Chinese to-go boxes for you to fill the candy with. The cakes were so gorgeous and really yummy. I loved the jelly inside the brides cake. Holly also had two dresses. One for the ceremony and one for the reception. She is a very stylish girl and did a wonderful job on everything. Her colors were brown and Tiffany blue and she gave her bridesmaids gifts from Tiffany's. There was also some crazy dancing going on. Especially by the Irish couple who did an Irish dance number that was unbelievable. I wish I wasn't taking pictures for just a second, because I really wanted to dance too, but hey you got to work.
Thanks Glenn and Stockstill family for a wonderful evening!
Catering: The Landing (delicious-meatballs were my favorite)
Bakery: Diana Rutherford!!!! Please if you don't have a bakery yet you need to contact this lady. I don't have her info, but I can sure get it for you if you want it. These were the most beautiful cakes I'd ever seen and so so tasty to my tummy.
Flower Shop: The wonderful Sharla and her girls at Forever Blooms
Videographer: John Urban with First United Methodist-what a kind gentleman
D.J: Dominique Urioste-great music
Hair: Debbie Haynes-great skills


Giving you some "Hughes Loven"

Dancing in the street-how romantic!

I am super super excited about Amanda and Justin's wedding in July. She is the cutest and sweetest thing and he has such a fun personality. It's so exciting for me when the couple lets loose and has fun and can joke around. That's what these sessions are about. Simply having fun! Thanks Amanda and Justin for your easy going personalities and for being so cute and in love.
By the way, I thought I'd play a little "Headlines" like on Jay Leno with the wedding couples names. Her last name is Hughes and his is Loven (lovin')
Giving you some "Hughes Loven"! Get it!
Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this cute couples pictures.



Tyler Family

The moms of these two families have been best friends since elementary school. One of them married the others brother, and what a way to continue a friendship by being family. They don't live in the same town and of course they miss each other, but when they're together it's like they just saw each other yesterday.
This was a perfect day to take pictures. It was about to rain, so the clouds were a deep blue and the contrast of the yellows and greens were so beautiful against the sky. Thankfully we started when we did because, about 10 minutes after our session it poured down like crazy.
It was so nice meeting all of you and I hope you had a wonderful visit with each other.