Monday Night Bible Study Girls

These are just a few of the Monday night bible study girls. Some have moved away, and others are having babies. I have had a wonderful time getting to know all of them and I am really going to miss the bond we had when I move away and all of those weekday lunches. I hope I can find girls as sweet and genuine as these when I move to Clovis, NM. I will only be 3 1/2 hours away so it doesn't mean I won't see you again. I get sad thinking of leaving these wonderful friends. I know God has great plans for Ben and I and he is already doing things for us now. Thank you all for being so fabulous and loving. I am truly, truly going to miss you. :(

My favorite flower

I love poppies. When I was in Durango, Ft Lewis had them growing in front of the library and I couldn't get over how huge they were. I love the colors, the fullness and the name. What a gorgeous thing God created! Thank you God.


The coolness of a camera

So I was watching jeopardy with Ben, as he was getting all the answers right, and took this shot. They are two screens in one. I had my camera on a slow shutter so it would capture both screens in one. I didn't think it would actually work, but it did. I tried to do it again and I couldn't. I guess I got lucky on this one. It goes to show you to take 100 pics of one thing b/c you never know what you are going to get. You just might end up with something totally awesome that you didn't even mean to happen. I think it is kinda cool. I love how cameras work.

Bailey and Chevy in the Arroyo

Chevy is definitely more active and is easier to take fun and energetic pictures than Bailey. Bailey just sits or stands around and looks pretty. She is our cuddle dog. Always wanting to cuddle, and doesn't really want her picture taken. These were taken in an arroyo down the street from our house. Chevy loves to run free in the "flood danger zone" arroyo. On our way back home I found this Mr. Goodbar trash and thought it would be cool to do something with it. I love Chevy's shadow with the trash. Poor Bailey just can't stand the New Mexico weather. She looks like she might have a heat stroke with that big tongue hanging out as she just stands there doing nothing. Chevy on the other hand was really enjoying herself. She would run up and down over and over again in the arroyo and then role around in the water and shake it all off on me. I love our dogs. They are very entertaining. Maybe when Bailey gets her hair cut she will feel up to a photo shoot!


Chevy Bleu

This is one of my puppies. She is always ready for the camera. Click on it to view larger.



I love lensbabies. I want to buy the macro lenses too. Then I can get closer to my objects-hints the name macro. This was taken when Ben and I went to Florida. It was a wonderful place-tons of palm trees and everywhere you looked it was green and blue. Simply fabulous.

My camera is at the hospital

I had to send my camera in to be repaired. The poor thing had dead pixels and it needed to go back to the Canon hospital to be revived. I am having a hard time with not having my camera with me. I just got it in April too! My warranty is still in affect so now is the best time to do it. Pray that it will return safely home back to its momma.


Trying Something New

I have never tried this kind of processing on my images before. I'm not sure how I even did it, but I really like it.

Website coming soon!

I have been collecting everything I need to get the offical cristy cross photography website set up. I would like to have it done before we move to Clovis-hopefully, which is before July 27th. With the help of family members and friends I think it will happen. Also, I just added a site meter to my blog site. I will know who and how many of you visit me each day, week, month and year. I wish I would've known about this when I started my blog site. Wish me luck and soon you will be looking at my pics on the professional site rather than just my blog. I will continue posting on my blog with clips of sessions I took or new projects I give myself to keep my creative juices flowing. So don't forget to check in here everynow and then too.


Shelley Hughes

This is my sweet friend Shelley. I photographed her at her house in Edgewood, NM. She has horses, a barn, and her husbands really cool classic dodge truck. Such a great place to photograph!

Hoffmantown Youth Camp

Great Wall of China Team
My new friend Alaena

Spirtit stick: Wonda Sucker

My 6th grade girls

I was blessed to be able to go to Durango, Co for a youth camp trip with Hoffmantown Church. Our huddle group name was "Great Wall of China." We had some really awesome cheers and won the spirit stick the first time around. I met some wonderful and fabulous people there. Each time I look back on all the pics I took, the memories come back. I had so much fun with each and every person. I really bonded with Sierra, Jacque and Talia- The 6th grade girls who are about to be in 7th grade! Good luck next year girls! Thank the Lord for letting me be apart of that wonderful week!


Deshya and Daavaun Thrasher

Let me tell you a little bit about Deshya. She was one of my kids when I taught in Albuquerque and I have known her since she was four. She is now 6 years old and moving on to first grade. Deshya is one of the sassiest kids I know. She is always a delight to be around and makes my job easy and a blast. Her three year old brother, Daavaun kept saying "Take pictures of me, take pictures of me", so we did. They are two of the cutest kids I know. These are a few of my favorites.


Sneak Peek...Deshya Thrasher

I just couldn't help myself. I wanted you to see something from today. Isn't she adorable!? She thinks so too! More to come of her next week.


Going out of town...

I hope you don't get bored with my blog. I am not going to be posting for about a week. I am going to Durango, Co to be a camp leader with my church here in Albq. I photographed a little girl today that I taught 2 years ago. She is still the same adorable and sassy little girl I knew back then. With her attitude, fabulous hair and glamorous face she will be an actress one day.I can't wait for you to see them. But you will have to wait.