Anjelica and Allison-Part1

Anjelica and Allison-Part2

I finally found time to finish this anxiously belated post. So, these girls, wearing skirts, swarmed through the most enormous weeds I've ever seen. Seriously, they were as tall as we were AND it was like a forest. I felt so bad because Anjelica was pulling thorns out of her legs and Allison had a rash on the back of her leg. Girls, I hope you are okay! Next time I try this location out, I'm suggesting to wear jeans and bring a machete knife. The weedy forest led to an old house that looked like it had caught on fire. It had lots of character. I'm so excited because I'm finding so many great locations for my portraits. This one is going in the book of favorite locations-with a mandatory rule of wearing jeans.
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Best Friends

These two best friends helped me out yesterday and were wonderful models. I wanted to try out some new places and they were sweet enough to help me out. I promised I'd post these soon, but I only had time to do a two. I will post more later. Thanks girls.


Playing Around

She's posing that sweet, beautiful, innocent look.

Snowflake Card

Here is another example of my custom designed cards. These can be used also as baby announcements, which I am designing for a friend who is soon to deliver! Believe me, there are much more where these came from.

Product Specials

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It's Official

Ben is officially an attorney. Ben, Matt,Kevin and I went up to Albq on Friday for Ben's swear in ceremony. Thanks to our friends for taking us up and thanks to Matt for swearing Ben in.
And thanks Kevin for passing out my business cards.
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"Whom he loves, he chases"...

Today's Daniel bible study with Beth Moore said some things I wanted to share:
"Whom he loves, he chases."
"Cloth yourself in humility."
I liked this one because I get caught up in my life to be something or someone I'm not and I want my pride to be knocked down to the ground. I want to be humbled.
"God's patience sets limits. Thankfully, so does His discipline." (Daniel 4:23)
Break away the pride!
Why does God have to keep reminding us who He is and that there is none like Him? Why can't we just stay faithful and loyal to Him always?
It would be sooo much easier to not have to learn 10 times over again, and just get it right the first time. Thankfully he is forgiving!
Daniel has been a great bible study. I've learned so much already and I can't wait to learn more.


First Senior of the Season

What a beautiful girl. I was really excited about this session. It was the first senior of the season for me and it was a great first. Kalee and her mom and sister came along and were awesome help. They held the reflector boards for me and "popped" Kalee when I needed some extra light. We started off at a friends house that has a gorqeous backyard. Then we went downtown. We pulled up to our next location and saw a leather couch sitting in front of a furniture store. We got permission to use it and they even moved it for us in the alley. It was perfect. And they ended up being my all time favorite images of Kalee. She also carries this awesome purse that I thought I would share with you. The designer is Betty Johnson. Isn't that a great purse? These are only a few favorites. I couldn't put them all on here or I'd be at the computer forever. Enjoy.



Cristy Cross Photography is gearing up to do weddings. If you like what you see from my portraits, you will like what you'll see for my weddings.
Above are some examples.


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DJ Chil

Ryan Chilson, aka DJ Chil's website is up and I want you to go look at it. He has posted many of the images I took of him and they look awesome in his layout. Also, make sure to listen to his demo. He is very musically talented.
Anytime you are in Waco on a Wednesday night you should check him out. click here-->DJ Chil


Happy Bday Bailey

Happy birthday to our little Bailey Jane. She turned 2 today. And she is celebrating by getting extra treats and extra long naps.
Bailey's Favorite things:
corn on the cob
teddy bears
playing dress up
going to the doggy salon
sitting quietly with her tongue slightly hanging out
exploring in the park
laying on Ben and taking a nap


Law Enforcement and Military

Today as I was driving to meet up with friends for our daily walk, I saw flags flying. And then on the radio, Lee Greenwood "I'm Proud to be an American" came on, which is my favorite patriotic song. I couldn't help but feel the patriotic feeling. It made me think that I want to do something today to show my gratitude to all the people who keep our community and country safe. Thank you to all the men and women fighting for our country today and in the past and for the Law Enforcement. My husband has just recently joined the Law Enforcement and I'm so proud that he is my husband. He, along with many others are out there doing their job to keep us safe and away from harm. Thank you to each and everyone one of you. Make sure to thank these people, even if you just give them a wave as you drive by in your car. Or if you get pulled over then you could say it in person! Praise the Lord for these great people.



Just a month and a half ago we were at 500. Thank you devoted bloggers.

Shannon & Matt

Matt and Shannon are expecting the beginning of October! I had a great time photographing them in their own environment. They are "lovey dovey " and that just made it ten times easier on me. I felt like I was doing an engagement session. These are just a few of the ones I wanted to post. I am going to post a few more tomorrow.


Custom Designed greeting cards

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Sneek peak...

Very cool furniture

I love the prints on both of these classy furniture pieces. They would be great objects to use with portraits.