A.K.A Alaska

Meet Alaska, which is what his friends call him, but his real name is Kevin. He is a student from Clovis High that Ben and I have met through FCA (fellowship of christian athletes).
Here are some favorites from his senior session...

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Coming from Roswell, NM meet the darling and lovely Jacie. She is incredibly photogenic and made my job so stinkin' easy. Amanda, a senior ambassador came along and assisted me with my new gold reflector and did an awesome job.
Here is a stairway that I venture to often and I've never shot this pose before. I used my new 24 mm 1.4 and I'm so loving it. She was awesome at striking a pose and giving me that serious model look
We used the gold reflector in this one.
Look at that face! So gorgeous!
I promise she smiled in many of her pics, but I just love her model face I couldn't decide what to post. I wish I was doing another session with her, because she was so much fun.
How about leaving me and Jacie a comment telling us what ya think! You would be the coolest ever!

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CCP Commercial

These girls and Ryan are awesome advertisement. They made this rap up and sang it at the fair in the CCP booth as people walked by.

Thanks Jadee, Jenn and Ryan!

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You asked for it...

Jamie these are for you. Look at the jump from 15 wks to 20 wks!! And I promise I'm not trying to stick my belly out any further than normal. The last one was taken today and I am wearing my favorite stretchy pants that are oh so comfy.


More baby pics!

I am FIVE MONTHS! I can't believe it. I am half way through my pregnancy. Everyone has been telling me that at about 6 months it will start getting harder. I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans, but with much discomfort. I bought some so so cute tops at Target and the next thing I need are pants. For now though I wear my black tights with my baby doll tops and they are so comfortable.
Okay, moving on to our baby...
I would like to introduce BENSON BRUCE!
Benson is a name we have loved for almost two years. And it fits perfectly with our family since my husbands name is Ben (Ben's son). And Bruce is Ben's dad's name. My grandma likes to call him BB.
If you know my husband, you know he has a goatee and pretty much has had it since high school. (he's turning 28 next month) So this picture was just perfect when the tech shaved away the excess to show us Benson's face and kept the little thing on his chin that looks like a goatee. He looks just like Ben don't ya think? He's getting so big now that we can't fit his whole body in the picture anymore. Isn't he so precious!! You can even see his cheek bones, which is totally from Ben's side.
I think this is my favorite for sweet just sleeping
The tech said his head is the size of an egg. And he is 10.5 inches long and weighs 10 oz. My mom measured 10.5 inches on my belly and he is huge already I think, and he has way more to grow. And next time you drink a 12 oz can, you can think of Benson almost weighing that much. Grow little man grow!


More of Heather...

More favorites of Heather. This one is my favorite of her and... This is my mom's favorite
Heather did a great job fake laughing!
Thanks Heather!

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Birthday Bash!

My nana is turning 80 years old this Sunday. I am going to Tahoka, Tx to celebrate with our family on Saturday and it is going to be a big family reunion. We are very excited to celebrate this special day with our Deanie Weanie (Her name is Dean and this is my "grandma" name for her)

Deanie Weanie in high school I think-Isn't she so pretty!
I think she was in college in this picture
Clients: I will be out of town this weekend for her birthday. I have orders ready to package and orders needing to be filled. Please feel free to call if you have a question about your order and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.




Meet the lovely Heather. More pictures to share of her later, but for now I am headed to bed. Little baby Cross and I are tired. Good night.
Camera equipment used on this image: Canon 5d, Speedlite 580 EX on the camera, 28-105 mm

By the way, my 28-105 mm lens is a great lens, but I am so glad that I don't have to use it anymore.
I did a session today with my brand new lenses. They are so amazing and I can't wait to share what the pictures look like with the awesome 50 mm 1.2, and the 24 mm 1.4 lenses. I have also just sent in my 50 mm 1.4 to get fixed. It wouldn't focus anymore and kept making my images look blurry and I can't afford that. If you are looking to get a new lens and can't decide on the 50 mm 1.2 or the 50 mm 1.4, I highly recommend getting the 50 mm 1.2. You will save a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

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Darling girls

Introducing to you some of the sweetest girls ever. Very polite and very sweet! We had plans to take the pictures outside,but then it started raining out of no where. We had to change some things around and thankfully were able to continue our session. Most of them were taken in the outside foyer of The Masters Center in Clovis. It was such beautiful lighting too. The oldest daughter needed some model shots for her portfolio. Is she not gorgeous or what?
Watch out for this face, because one day she will be on America's Next Top Model.
Your web gallery is now up so go check it out.



Sweet Addie

I'm so tired right now, but I had to post one from my session on Saturday of this cute little girl.
More to come...



Meet one of my senior ambassadors that is working with me this year. She has been wonderful help and has a love for photography. She is taking a black and white developing class and a digital photography class.
For her senior session we went to her aunt and uncles apple orchard and then to their corn field. We almost got rained out but thankfully God took care of the weather so we could have our fun filled day of photo taking.
Here are a few favorites to share...
Remember, leave a comment below! I promise you will make my day and I will be so so happy!
sitting on top of apple crates

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2007 Schedule

I am booking up quickly for high school senior sessions as well as family sessions.
If you are interested in family pictures for your 2007 Christmas cards please call soon so we can schedule you a day.
Please check my calendar for availability--click here.

Session Fees:

$225 Includes $100 print credit

Christmas Cards:

Available in 5x7 folded cardstock and 5x7 Kodak Professional Endura Paper
Email for prices on cards



Thermal Grounds

This is one of the thermal grounds at 6:30 am at Yellowstone. My mom, Ben and I went on a photography safari while we were there and it was totally worth it. I know I wouldn't have gotten up on my own at 5:30 am. And I'm so glad we didn't miss all this gorgeous-ness.



2007 Christmas Cards

I am having so many people book family sessions for their Christmas cards this year so I thought I better start designing some new ones for 2007. Here's the first one.
As of right now my plan is to have two cards with one pic and greeting, and two cards with four pics and greeting.
A few ways to make the card customized just for you:
The background colors can be changed
The polka dot border colors can be changed
The message is all yours-say what ya want.
The layout of the card cannot be changed.


Yellowstone National Park

This is one of the many sites we stopped to look at. It was so beautiful there.
More to come...



I'm Back

I'm back and returning all phone calls and emails today. Also, while I was gone I received numerous print orders. Bare with me as I'm working hard to get to all of you today.

I had a nice 10 day break from my normal day and I can't wait to share with you my vacation pictures from Wyoming and Montana.

Stay tuned...